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A look at the western front of the Sibir / Vietnam war. The mountain range here is cleanly dividing the two powerhouses, but the Sibir side lies in smoke. However, the Vietnamese side seems equally empty with fighting units. Right before the reboot, Sibir launched a few nukes around Kandahar, and it has left quite a dent in Vietnam’s frontier garrisons.

Also something we should point out in this slide is the curious case of a certain teleporting Ashanti pikeman in the top center section of the screenshot. We ourselves don’t quite know why, perhaps some bizarre open borders interaction, but it seems Kruger has thrown open a portal in time, and has flung them into the future. In this timeline, they find themselves lost in totally foreign territory. Lucky for Ashanti fans tho, they are not at war with Sibir in the reboot. Not so fortunate is the fact that a certain other popular refugee unit also perished around these parts.