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A little bit to the West we see more of Australia’s Meso American colonies, and also what remains of Texas. Laredo is the biggest city now in the region, and they seem to be rebuilding just fine given what they have to work with. It is unknown whether the Hawaiian peacekeepers will continue to be an asset for them, or if they are getting in the way.

The Australians for that matter are bracing for the coming Inuit offensive. Already some XCOMs have made the jump over and have begun to rouse a ruckus. The defense seems able for now, but there is no telling if there will be any reinforcements for the Australians anytime soon.

Further northwest, we see a glimpse of the Blackfoot’s newly acquired nuclear wasteland. More paratroopers mark the dominance they now display here. If it was not for lowly Olongapo in Southeast Asia, the Blackfoot might be tempted to make easy gains here by declaring on Australia. Surely most viewers would find it to be a worthy trade.