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Blood pools in the water outside of Laredo. The last Texan defenders stare in vain as their city is overwhelmed by the Brazilian navy. The last Texan Great Musician rides off into the sunset, a lone rider disappearing over the horizon. Sam Houston began this game as a powerful member of America’s heartland, though not without strife. In the early days of the Royale, Austin flipped between Mexican and Texan hands several times. Texas was able to recover though, and eventually joined the fight against Lincoln’s radical ideology of freedom. This was the height of the Texan empire. Then, on part 38, Winter came. The Inuit declared war, and with troops left over from their fight with Canada, decisively crushed Texas down to Austin before making peace. Though Austin was not safe. Mexico eventually declared war, but in the most brazen move we’ve ever seen from a city-state, Texas snagged Laredo from the Mexicans. Sadly, Austin was lost in the process, and Texas was relegated to Laredo as a city-state for the long haul. In a twist of fate, Laredo lasted longer than Mexico did. Sam Houston had at long last triumphed over is longest rival. Houston, you fought well. Ride off into your final sunset with pride. Press F to pay respects.