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We start this part with a shot from the one significant war that was ongoing at the end of Part 105, namely, Sibir vs Mongolia. I’m not really sure what to make of this war lore-wise: it sounds like a classic steppe Khan vs Khan conflict, but on the other hand, it’s being fought with biotroopers on one side and giant death robots and hovertanks on the other side. Welcome to CBR, I guess!

Anyway, looking at this slide in particular, we see that Ulaanbaatar has fallen to Sibir - good news for Sibir fans, bad news for those who love a good bit of bordergore. As for the general balance of the war, it is hard to tell from this slide, as it appears that Sibir has the advantage (despite the Brazilian carpet) thanks to much more advanced units. It is also notable that every Sibir city I can see has a military unit in it, implying they have actually started to produce units. Good ones, too. However, we’re still not sure how the Mongol carpet’s holding up.

Wait, hang on a minute, look at those diplomatic notices. The Blackfoot have made peace with Sweden - forgot that they were even at war - I dare say most people in those countries probably forgot they were at war - and… have done something else.