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Therapne falls! Brazil’s worryingly ranged-heavy collection of troops previously seen in Mexico has evaporated, and Pedro - perhaps after a last-minute intervention by Mini-Pedro - has replaced them with the tried-and-tested paratrooper-and-XCOM combo. The Inuit convoy from earlier does not appear to have moved.

Strangely enough for a superpower-to-superpower war, what happens next seems to rely most on a third power, namely Crowfoot, who has his own paratrooper carpet (can anyone detect a hint of ‘notice me sempai’ about Crowfoot in relation to Pedro?) and has surrounded Uxmal. If the carpet moves, Uxmal will likely fall; if not, it can’t.

Also, how on cylinder did that Mongolian tank get there? Fleeing Sibir sounds fair enough, but fleeing Sibir to a) the ocean b) the other side of the world and c) a warzone doesn’t seem like the most sensible plan of action to me.