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Remember that comment by, I’ve forgotten who it was, that said that Australia would magic a carpet out of nowhere at some point? Well, here it is! Perhaps not the best carpet I’ve seen in recent episodes, but it’s a carpet nonetheless, a relief to Straya fans, and a further confusion for the Power Rankers, who can’t seem to be able to decide whether Parkes should be ranked third or eighth or somewhere in between.

I have no idea what happened to that manufactory, but what is apparent is that Korea has launched a half-hearted attack on Mowanjum, apparently with a non-nuclear missile as I can’t see any fallout. Also, the ship that is likely responsible (is that a cybersub?) appears to be single-handedly blocking TWO former Kimberley cities. Go figure. Is it just… really scary looking or something like that? Is it broadcasting Gangnam Style at 200dB in order to prevent anyone from going anywhere near it? Will we ever know?