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The Blackfoot haven’t moved, and so Uxmal is still blue, although it does have zero health. The Brazilians have also launched a rather half-hearted attack on Laredo, which, incidentally, is somehow over five times as big as Guadalajara despite the city flips. I know puppeted cities tend to favour gold, but this is so gold-focused as to be absurd. I’m sure there’s a neoliberalism joke around here somewhere, but I can’t think of it right now, and besides, they’re all Autocrats™ in the CBR anyway.

Moving on to the War for North American Relevance, the Blackfoot and Buccs are still struggling to make headway, although the burnt-out shell of Maracaibo is currently under Blackfoot control and they are slowly landing more paratroopers on the Yucatan. I still can’t imagine much arising from this war (other than someone else declaring war on the combatants). The Blackfoot could hold Maracaibo if they really stuck to it, and if they did they would threaten Palenque, but the terrain heading from there towards Port-au-Prince is just too hostile.