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Our first shot of Turn 242 sees Uxmal go green! I’m not sure what exactly happened, presumably Crowfoot moved a paratrooper closer to the Buccs and so cleared a gap for a Brazilian paratrooper to take the city, thus forcing the rest of the Blackfoot paras out of Brazilian territory.

Although the Inuit fleet seems to be frozen off the coast of Baja California, note that Ekeuhnick has air superiority here. Pedro has a significant number of planes in the island city of Tulum, which helped with Therapne and presumably with Uxmal, but they are now out of range, and the last two Inuit cities south of the Blackfoot core now serve as airbases. Having said that, Brazil could most likely safely move some planes to Therapne, as there are no Inuit paratroopers or XCOMs for miles around.

The Buccs have taken back Maracaibo and removed the Blackfoot paratroopers from the peninsula. It is looking bare enough for Crowfoot to stage a comeback, but he should be wary of the Bucc GDR, presumably still flying a skull and crossbones. Or skull and cross-metallic-limbs.