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Another Aussie biotrooper tourist? What is going on? Is this the start of a Brazil/Blackfoot style carpeting tactic from Parkes? Is that even how those work, seeing as the tiles that the biotroopers appear on are decidedly not those closest to Australian territory?

Anyway, Brazil vs Boers. Pedro has taken control of the entirety of Mesopotamia, reducing the once mighty 45-pop Vung Tau to little more than a village in the process through multiple flips. Oh, and in the corner of the slide, as expected, we can see that Epidauros and Varna have gone green. Both sides have a decent number of units in this slide… we’ll see what happens next time I guess.

Anyway, that, unfortunately, is the end of this part. It has, as ever, been an honour to narrate this part, and I hope I wasn’t too awful at it. Ja mata!