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Goolarabooloo? More like GoolaraBOOMloo, no? The Vietnamese fleet is fading, but the devastated Millibinyarrin and Windjanan citizenry are still far from safe.

Here's a fun game for the cartographically inclined among you: Start sketching out a map as we go through these slides and plot out all the boundaries of the Brazilian peacekeeping force. It's pretty easy to form a great circle style boundary around South America and see just how much of the map is being overrun, as well as where the peacekeepers of the future are due to land. Pedro (Brazil) already has a good half the map under his thumb, though not half the land mass. If 5.3 million troops can do that, how many will square that circle and bring the entire map under his benevolent, non-combative control? Could Pedro find that the world is, in the end, truly not large enough to contain him?