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Europe, where strange blonde figures battle over the ancestral homes of nations now remembered only in the names that still dot this scarred countryside. Once again the bio- and robot infantry of Iceland enjoy a qualitative advantage over Sweden's organic troops. That strength differential is significantly less important here, though, owing to the large swaths of empty space and perpetual 0 health status of all Iceland's cities. Sweden's air corps is really earning its keep here. Reinforcements will be slow to arrive for either side as Cumae is the only non-puppeted city on the entire front. Even so, Cologne and Malmo have already fallen. Now the fighting appears to be most intense south of Berlin, where soldiers engage in gritty bank-to-bank warfare among the never ending customs houses.

Before we move, let's all agree to pin an imaginary medal on Gustavus' (Sweden) chest for all those properly equipped carriers!