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The final hours of Yerevan, and no power on earth can save Tiridates' capital now. Worse, Sibir has secured passage through Boer territory and has sent more than enough infantry south past Artashat and Ecbatana to finish him off entirely. Gaza is defended only by merchants, traders, builders and a lone Mamikonian. I fear the Kimberly will never get their desert conquest…

The fledgling Boer cities of Ghapan and Tosontsengel, those sweet summer's settlements who've never seen violence but only read of it on the neuronet, will soon witness firsthand the harsh realities of cylindrical life. In this place, genocide is justified for so small a reward as six tiles of desert farmland and mines.

Gyumri offers to take in a fleeing great musician, that he may record for all time his experiences. Perhaps the next generation will learn from this one's cruelty.