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To central Asia, where the Vietnamese take inspiration from the dwarfs and retreat to their mountain holdfasts. Sad to say, Boer fans, but Kruger seems to have swallowed the bait and is totally focused on Peshawar, rather than the easier, faster conquests that await across Uttar Pradesh. One Boer biotrooper got his orders a touch off and attempts to ride the rail line into Lahore, rather than Lahor, a very understandable but strangely human mistake.

A compatriot of his stops on her way to the front line, momentarily stunned to find herself standing in that rarest of places, a legend that exists only for the briefest of moments, appearing beneath radioactive clouds at the end of a flickering atomic rainbow: no man's land. The world's dictators will gobble up these unclaimed tiles within hours, but for now she revels in the freedom. She also sheds a tear for all the scenic plantations, farms and vineyards that still exist in this idyllic place, knowing the north African worker army will soon relocate here and replace them all with modern improvements.