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Hello to the Civ Battle Royale Community!  I was happy to jump in and accept this invitation to narrate this episode of CBR because I’ve really appreciated how epic this Civ V AI battle has become. As many of you know I started Civ V as our AI lead and along with getting our AI code in place for that title, I had to evaluate its performance on a daily basis.

So what was our tool to accomplish that? You guessed it: AI autoplay games!  Over the three years I was in that AI lead role I watched hundreds and hundreds of AI games and reviewed the results both in the game world and through our extensive AI logs.  It was my life for a long time.

So with AI autoplays being the original genesis of the Civ Battle Royale idea, I feel a definite kinship. Though I do admit I never imagined that we’d ever end up with something so absolutely epic in scope and detail. So take this guest narration as my way to pay back the CBR community for their efforts to turn these games into something amazing.