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Alas, the part comes to a close. It feels so short for me, as I joined narrating when I had to deal with a 90+ slide monster and before the CivBattleRoyale I had to do a 110+ slide nightmare for the Lurking Royale. But that's not to say this part has been boring. In fact I say the opposite. What you see grayed out behind you should summarize why this part has been one of the best easily since the reboot. Australia might be looking to carve out a foothold in Vietnam, and with their insane unit production as seen here, could potentially challenge the Boer carpet they'll soon no doubt border. They could then forge an attack on Korea and Mongolia and actually flip the east to being all Green and Gold. The fate of the game lies in the success, or lack thereof, from Mongolia, Sibir and Korea's part as giving either the Boers or Australia that land could mean the world for this game. Either way you look at it, this part will be the part that changed the entire game.