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And here is it mapped out for your viewing glory. Now while I could go on about wars, I'll leave that microphone to you. Echo in the comments what you're hyped about. Are you more hyped about Inuit and Brazil than I am? Do you think Australia will struggle to hold land against Vietnamese? Do you think ANYONE will stop the incoming Boer carpet of doom? Now while you rant and rave about who will win the three wars in this part, I'll make my adieu. If you want any more AI games or related content, please check the CBR Battle Royale, the hopefully coming Rap Battle Royale, and Civ AI games for more amazing content. This has been the all knowing / u/LunarNeedle doing the text narrations and also the charismatic Dawkinzz if you're listening to the audio narration. Together we both bid you farewell.