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..The power rankers have got their wish. Yakutia is no more. The last nuclear subs look on as Mongol choppers hover above the destroyed city walls, and an advanced destroyer sails triumphantly into the ruins of Beryozovo’s harbor. 

Ranked at the top spot in the Power Rankings from parts 1-7, Tygyn Darkhan ultimately failed to capitalise on his strong start. The Snoreyaks excelled at mediocrity, and of course ‘Trigger’ Darkhan’s beats. The most memorable deed of Yakutia was getting locked into a centuries-long meat grinder with the Inuit in Kamchatka, reducing the once pristine Arctic waters to a radioactive wasteland. Although the Koreans finally stomped their empire into the ground, the Snoreyaks persisted in this frozen city until the Mongols finally delivered the long sleep they had forever desired. Goodbye, Darkhan. May you drift forever though the heavens, propelled by your sick fires.