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Power Rankings: Part 102

  1. GhostBalls

    Coiot: Two New GhostBalls by Pizzarcatto and Yellowone1 respectively.

  2. F

    Admiral Cloudberg: Sri Lanka perhaps surprised everyone by making it all the way to 17th place, but despite their high finish, they have little to show for it. They captured a few cities from the Mughals, and after that it was a very slow decline all the way to the end. They spent at least half the game without their capital and without declaring any wars, just sitting there waiting to die. But nobody bothered to kill them until now, and then within just two parts, they were gone. Their greatest legacy, at least in my eyes, will be the recurring power ranking slide that threatened to blast a hole in the fabric of spacetime had the Boers not decided to stop it. Rest in peace, Parakramabahu.

  3. F

    Jmangelo: Glorious Hayastan... No civ was scrappier than Armenia under Tiridates. The premier power of the Middle East when the game began, nobody expected Armenia to do so well and forward settle Israel. Responsible for destroying Israel TWICE and sniping Kiev from Stalin, the Armenians proved that even the tiniest civ can still do amazing things. There is no joke about it, Armenia was STRONK. Let's highlight that these guys were ranked in the bottom quarter in part 0, but made it all the way to 16th overall. That's an achievement as far as I am concerned.

  4. 15

    Lacsirax: It is strictly forbidden for Hawaii to ever be last in the Power Rankings, and Finland has already ensured Hawaii's safety for the foreseeable future. They lost two of their three cities this part, with Sibir re-assimilating the cities they lost to Finland aeons ago. And with a ton of wars declared against him, as well as general unrest in the Middle East (you might've missed that), Batticaloa is looking more and more susceptible to a lost Power Armour Infantry.

  5. 14

    Patkellyrh: Alo-who?

  6. 13

    Msurdej: The bad news is, we're at war again with The Boers, and now the Inuit. The good news is, The Boers will probably be way to distracted to fight us, and the Inuit couldn't destroy Iceland , so Jandamarra is probably safe to doot another day!

  7. 12

    Poom: The Buccs is sidekick of sort in various event in this part. First, they try to be relevant by declaring war on Armenia, and the Boers finish them for an unknown reason. Second, Pedro denounced the Buccs. Maybe it's an omen of their impending doom; maybe it's yet another empty threat from their scary neighbour; or, maybe it's nothing at all. Lately, most of the remaining powers declare war on Boers. While the Buccs are lacking in manpower, they are not behind in technology. If the Boers fare horribly in the war, they might have a wild chance to expand their holding in Africa…. Tricking Kruger to destroy Armenia... which start a coalition against the Boer... what if Henry Morgan is actually behind it all?

  8. 11

    Technostar: Mongolia continues to sleep, although they did wake up long enough to denounce Korea. However, these plays are to Genghis's advantage - other civs are less likely to notice Mongolia's weak cities if they continue to not do much.

  9. 10

    Nevikcrn: With almost the entire world being at war, Korea made the right decision to stay neutral, since they have an almost non-existant army. That isn't to say that Korea isn't playing a role in the current wars; they're acting as a base for the Blackfoot and Brazilian militaries that are attacking Vietnam and the Boers, respectively. However, relations with the Blackfoot are deteriorating as Korea decided to denounce them. And with Mongolia starting to get hungry, it might be time for Korea to start building their army and stop being reliant on other powers. Vietnam is looking rather tasty this time of year.

  10. 9

    Andy: This has been a dark part for Crowfoot, his dreams of Asian empire extinguished. His paradise and forward base in Olongapo destroyed. His military shattered, in conflict against the crippled dragon of Vietnam. There's no doubt whatsoever that the Blackfoot are on the backfoot, as our rankers drop them 3 places. Alas for Crowfoot, his time in the sun is over. Asia has fallen, and the Blackfoot are trapped with the Inuit now...

  11. 8

    Patkellyrh: Vietnam tries to bounce back from a devastating war with Kruger, and brings some friends for the rematch. There will be at least a threeway race for the Boers' new, weakly defended Asian territories, and Vietnam still has to fend off Sibir, but the Trungs are wily and should come out of this ahead.

  12. 7

    Scissor: Being an Australia supporter must be really frustrating; I wouldn't know, I'm not one. These guys have everything going for them: production, military, tech,, population, etc. But even with all those, they manage to be one of the most disappointing powers in the entire cylinder. Having technically "lost" the war to Vietnam, a former superpower that lost half of its cities, Australia's ranking continues to suffer. And now as the OCP gets revived, Australia not participating is quite a stupid move. Australia could've made major gains in Madagascar and East Africa but its refusal not only lets the war become easier for the Boers, but also allows their green rivals from across the Pacific to cement themselves as the preminent power in the world.

  13. 6

    Jmangelo: Despite having a navy mostly consisting of carriers and very few capable infantry units, the Icelandic military MIGHT come out of the OCP with some gains. Then again, they may LOSE a lot of land. The major concern is that Marrakech is being bombed and the coast of Iberia is under attack; however, the Brazilian military absolutely COVERS the Icelandic territory, meaning Iceland can fight back through their ally whilst they rebuild their land military. Good luck Ingolfur!

  14. 5

    Poom: Sweden do nothing this part, which is fine. Since they need time (and space) to rebuild their armies after recent wars. Now that Brazil peacekeepers have something to do instead of loitering, and Sibir presumably is sending their troops into their southern border, Sweden can rebuild their momentum and strike Sibir in the back.

  15. 4

    Admiral Cloudberg: Ekeuhnick wakes up and declares war on... the Kimberley? Oh, never mind. False alarm. That said, there are stirrings of something bigger involving the Inuit, as they have been denounced by both the Buccaneers and Korea—two civilizations that Eleuhnick could easily cream, but could prove troublesome if part of a larger coalition. With the way diplomatic relations around the world have been breaking down recently, it seems not just possible, but perhaps even likely, that the Inuit will soon find themselves in a major war.

  16. 3

    Technostar: While Sibir vs. Vietnam is as slow as it's ever been, the Brazilian peacekeepers have ironically let Kuchum Khan keep one of his gains in the war. However, as the Brazilians march to the southwest, a new theater has emerged: the OCP 2.0! Sibir stands to gain from this war, although they will be competing with hordes of Brazilian units for the cities on the front line. Only time will tell if Sibir can justify this decision to open a second front.

  17. 2

    Lacsirax: I don't know where to start. Well, first things first, it's unlikely Kruger will be taking many Kimberley cities any time soon. There's a lot to analyse here, so let's break it down region by region. The Middle East and South Asia is the biggest lost cause, with Sibirian and Vietnamese bombing raids (when they're not bombing each other) making short work of cities that Brazil's enormous reserves in Sibir can swoop in and take without a blink. North Africa is in a similar bind (replace Sibirian and Vietnamese with Icelandic), though Brazil's units are less omnipresent here, so the Boers have a chance to straggle together an advanced defence force. The rest of Africa has been saved by a minor miracle; Kruger and Pedro cancelled their Open Borders treaty the turn before the war, transforming a chaotic bloodshed into a more traditional conflict, though one that Kruger is still the underdog in. West Africa, the closest area to actual Brazil, has also been carpeted by workers, the cheapest unit to produce at this stage - it's actually a very clever move in one respect as it'll stop Brazil landing paratroopers on the continent for the time being. But they need to back that up with an army pronto. A final piece of good news for Boer fans is that their military strength went up by around 500k this part. A final bit of bad news is that Brazil doubled that increase.

  18. 1

    Msurdej: With Powerful allies, an army that would dwarf Kruger's at its peak, and the bodies of not one, but two civs at Kruger's feet, Brazil has the best chance to eliminate the Boers since part 69, perhaps an even greater chance. The fighting will be fierce, but if Pedro II and Mini Pedro can pull it off, Brazil will stand as THE undisputed ruler of the cylinder.