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PR Rankings: Part 116

  1. F

    Msurdej: And so it ends. The Boers were largely thought to be one of the strongest civs as the game started, and by Part 20, it was understood why. The Boers had rapidly expanded, constructed a good core, and above all, created a massive and most technologically advanced armies of its day. Heck, by part 40, the Boers caused Tpangolin to add in Future Worlds, in order to prevent the game from spiraling into XCOM Spam. And yet, by Part 55, that extra Tree was completed, along with Wonders like Skynet, Virtual Idol, Angelnet, and the Pholus Mutagen. By Part 83's end, the Boers had finished fighting off the Great OCP, an alliance of most of the world's strongest civs, and had come out even stronger, with their ancient rival Ethiopia eliminated. And then, the sub went dark. Once the lights came back on, everything seemed normal. Sure the Pholus Mutagen was gone, but with the death of Sparta, it seemed like the Boers were back in town. And once the Vietnam/Boer War ended, The Boers had an Empire that stretched from Agra to the Atlantic. But all the while, a green shadow grew, and in his hubris, Kruger allowed Brazil's army to grow astronomically, preventing his own army from blossoming and eventually spelling his doom. By Part 104's end, The Boers had lost Spain, India, chunks of the Middle East, and much of Northern and Western Africa. 5 Parts later, The Boers were kicked out of Africa. Now, in Part 116, they are finally kicked off the Cylinder. How did the Boers lose? Was it the loss of Pholus Mutagen? A change in AI traits? The Brazilian unit spam? There are many theories, but the truth remains the same: Paul Kruger, once considered by many to be the favorite to win the Civ Battle Royale, has been eliminated in a respectable (if a little under expected) 9th place. F

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    Lacsirax: The biggest loss for Korea this part was the destruction of Daegu, one of their earliest cities. Still, compared to the plights of Sweden, Iceland and Vietnam, Korea are still clinging on to life a lot harder than you'd expect. A top 5 finish would be an incredible feat for the civ once ranked 61st, but it's not out of the question.

  3. 7

    Timrtabor: (In Swedish Chefish "language", yes this is an actual thing) Svedee-a vill prubebly be-a deed suon. Mey Guostefuos injuy sveet iternel rest in Felhella. Bork Bork Bork!

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    Msurdej: Reykjavik has fallen. The latest in a series of captures, Pedro's forces have captured the capital of Iceland, forcing Ingolfur to retreat. While other cities on the main island are still in his control, Iceland is losing ground everywhere, with even Greenland being under Brazilian assault. But as bad as this is, it gets even worse for Iceland. Pedro ain't done yet.

  5. 5

    Aaron Lecon: The Inuit continue to lose ground, losing 12 cities this part. Nevertherless, they still have plenty to spare, (42), which is well above what others have, with the natural exception of the top 3. So it will be a while before they are eliminated completely. Their army is still present in some capacity to defend the scrawny remains of their lands.

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    Bors: Vietnam had defended impressively well in these last few parts, losing only a handful of border cities to Brazil, but part 116 changed that. Their 29 city strong empire lost a quarter of its cities, now down to 22, and the border which they had held Brazil to so well crumbled as Rangoon fell, a city bordering the capital, Hanoi. They still possess the 5th most cities in the game, but now they are an enclave of Brazil, with only Hue bordering another civ, meaning that their collapse is inevitable.

  7. 3

    Technostar: Sibir is losing ground to Brazil, and losing that ground quickly. Pedro's hordes are mere inches away from the gates of Qashliq. The fact that we still rate Kuchum Khan 3rd says a lot about how badly the rest of the cylinder's nations are faring. Sibir, at least, has all of Siberia to retreat through.

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    Jmangelo: The loss of Japan is a blow to the Australian empire. Although the process of eliminating Parkes will be arduous, it seems Pedro will not have difficulty achieving that goal.

  9. 1

    Poom: The Chaos that Brazil has brought upon the cylinder is supreme and all that oppose it will perish. While Pedro stood calmly in the storm and ended various civilizations and their misguided followers, long gone are the days when any can question Pedro's supremacy, as he brings the final blow to the Boers. While Paul Kruger used to be recognized as the Greatest, Pedro now wields the power that's even eclipse's Kruger at his peak, let alone other leaders, in the history of the Cylinder.