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Power Rankings: Part 117

  1. GhostBalls

    Coiot: Pizzarcato graces us again with another new illustration, this time for our fallen cyborg.

  2. 8

    Admiral Cloudberg: Iceland is crumbling—what more is there to say? With Brazil making rapid inroads in Greenland, it's entirely possible that Ingolfur might not survive the next part. The only question is whether he'll last longer than Sweden.

  3. 7

    Technostar: Line after line. City after city. It all turns green eventually. But there are only so many lines to hold, only so many cities to lose. Eventually, the whole of Sweden will succumb to the Carnival.

  4. 6

    Msurdej: While Seoul is under siege, Korea doesn't actually LOSE any cities this part. They even managed to GAIN military units. And even though they lost production, in a world where Brazil is slowly consuming everything, this is the best anyone can do.

  5. 5

    Lacsirax: While we can't agree on the bottom three, the Power Rankers are completely unified on our top five (for the first time ever?). Starting off our top five is Vietnam. Their military has started to evaporate, and they don't have any far flung islands to be exiled to when their mainland turns a different hue of green. Still, a top five finish is a very dignified place to be, especially for a civ as inundated with troubles as Vietnam has been across its unique history.

  6. 4

    Poom: Brazil still presses further as the Inuit Far North territory has been cut out of the Inuit 'Proper', which is now situated on Alaska and Furthest Northeastern corner of Asia. This enclave's time as an Inuit territory is running out. But the rest of Ekeuhnick's people could rest slightly more easy, as he has a big fleet waiting for invaders in the Arctic sea. I for one am not sure if he know how to use this fleet though...

  7. 3

    Patkellyrh: Sibir is slowly being ground down by Brazil, losing 9-10% of their production, manpower and cities this part… …But with the Carnival knocking on Qashliq's doors, and almost no units in reserve in Sibir's backcountry, this may turn into a complete rout in the next part or two.

  8. 2

    Doom: Fortress Australia still holds for now but Pedro gets closer every part as more and more of the Pacific falls. On the bright side Parkes is basically guaranteed to outlive his perennial enemy Vietnam. A second place finish is certainly admirable.

  9. 1

    Timrtabor: As the puke sludge of South America continues its inevitable trudge through the rest of a cylinder Pedro turns his attention towards his next target. For you see ever since the conquest of Djarindjin (or whatever Boer Antarctic city it was, its tough to keep track of these conquests) rumors have begun to amass in the arctic colonies of another cylinder where a civilization similar to the late Persian and Arabian empires reigns supreme and they have likely never heard of Samba music. Pedro does not like this one bit.