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Power Rankings: Part 118

  1. 8

    Patkellyrh: Sweden's fought well, at least compared to the rest of the cylinder, but their backs are to the wall and there's nowhere left to retreat. Prime your F keys, it's hard to see them surviving much longer.

  2. 7

    Aaron Lecon: This is the end. Iceland are down to 4 cities, with practically no military left to defend them: they will likely die next part. Counterintuitively, Iceland GAINS a rank for this, because Sweden is in an even worse state. We'll see whether Iceland can turn this small advantage over their norse brothers into a 7th place finish.

  3. 6

    Lacsirax: Korea are a solid ten parts into the "how are they still not dead?" part of their career, and the question is no less relevant than it was when Vietnam were tearing them a new one. Granted, they lost their capital this part, but they're still losing approximately one city a part; compared to the haemorrhaging of cities in Vietnam and Sibir, it's one hell of an achievement. They'll definitely outlive the two Nordic nations left for an impressive top 6 finish.

  4. 5

    Poom: The Vietnamese defence is strong, but not invincible. Many men and women have fallen to the Carnival, and yet the Brazilian onslaught is still marching to Hanoi. Either way, Vietnam is one of only three other civs holding their original capital. While Hanoi is far from unscathed, it still hoists the flag of defiant, lighter tint of green. Vietnam's fall would come soon, but they are still standing strong... for now.

  5. 4

    Lunar: East Inuit is collapsing, Iceland is falling and the world is reaching it's final breath and Inuit just smirk. For they didn't die playing Brazil's game. They died playing their own game and they will make sure Brazil pays a tankertruck of blood for every pencil tip of space. Inuit fans, you had a moment that surpassed your expectations. Now sleep child and sleep tight for the Carnival is coming.

  6. 3

    Jmaneglo: It finally happens. The fall of Qashliq. The war may not be over, but the Sibirian people are falling. No greater civ to dight off the hordes than Sibir, ladies and gentleman.

  7. 2

    Timrtabor: Henry Parkes sits in his chair from his flat’s patio gazing at the breathtaking fortress that is his island stroking his beard with his irradiated third hand coming from his chin. “They called me crazy for putting the navy in the recycling bin for this ol’ coastal wall, now whos bloomin’ mad."

  8. 1

    Technostar: 7 more. Kimberley, Vietnam, Yakutia, Mongolia, Hawaii, Maori, and Australia: only these capitals separate Brazil from domination victory. Iceland, Sweden, Korea, Inuit, Vietnam, Sibir, and Australia: only these civs stand in their way. As their green hordes sweep across the landscape, we can only wonder: who will fall to the Carnival next?