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Aaron Lecon: Well, this is it. Australia has made it to the final part, with its empire still mostly intact, and has 4 of the 6 remaining capitals: Rubibi, Sydney, Parihaka, and Honolulu. Due to the special nature of this final part, it is no longer a question of whether Australia will die or not: the only question left is how fast will they go? How much can they stall out?

If Australia collapses fast, they will end up in joint second place (alongside probably Sibir). More importantly (for you viewers), it means the final part will be released 'soonish' with only minimal waiting. But if they can defend the fortress well, they may survive long enough for everyone else to die, meaning they won't have to share their silver medal. Unfortunately, this also means there will be a long hiatus as we wait for the final part to be released.

One final point of interest is the PR of the PR: if at game's end, they still hold onto at least one city, they will end up overtaking the Boers for 3rd place overall. If however, their final action is being wiped out completely, they will end up 4th.