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Msurdej: Sweden. Iceland. Two civs that changed the world.

Starting off, both were over looked by the Power Rankers, with the two ranking 60th and 55th respectively in the first part. But the two civs worked hard, with Sweden taking out Hitler and rival Scandanavian Haakon, while Iceland took the British Isles off a winded Ireland, eventually gaining a good grip on the mainland with the death of Napoleon. And while they at times quarreled, they focused the majority of their efforts on other enemies; Sparta, Finland, The Buccs and Boers.

But in the end, Carnival came for them, storming through their lands and bringing them down. And while many will argue over their true final placement (Even though we all know Sweden died second), no one can deny that these two civs exceeded all expectations, and played a terrific game. F