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Power Rankings: Part 84

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    It doesn’t feel right to say that Yakutia is in a good position currently, but given its recent history, it’s accurate. It doesn’t seem that anyone can hurt them now. If it weren’t for the mountainous terrain and icy waters, Yakutia would’ve been dead a long time ago. The Yakutian prison has become its protection, for better or worse. – Glycolysis

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  3. 19

    Texas continues to sit happily doing absolutely nothing. The only advice I could give them would be to declare war on Australia for kicks, and maybe on the outside chance they could take a city. Anything less would not be in the spirit of Texas. – Admiral Cloudberg

  4. 18

    Can we just call Hawaii the hippies of the BR? They are absolutely EVERYWHERE blocking all sorts of troop movements. Also, if the Wobbegong Armada starts to evaporate in a few turns, I think Hawaii could benefit by taking a few islands. But that's just my idea. – Jmangelo

  5. 17

    Tibet still hasn’t managed to found its religion. Once it does, maybe we’ll have something to talk about here. Right now, though, there’s not much to say. They still have a rifleman carpet, an alliance with Vietnam, and a global conspiracy surrounding them. There isn’t much that’s out of the ordinary here. – Glycolysis

  6. 16

    Well, that was less than successful. SpartanShitposter’s force was destroyed by the Finnish, we have lost our Boer air support, Armenia is faltering, and Cyprus has been seized. But this doesn’t mean that we’re out of the race! Our infantry reinforcements are available for defense, and if we can build up enough of an army while Finland invades Armenia, we will be still be able to strike at Hebron before it’s too late. Do not give up hope, for Spartans are never truly defeated! – Mallock of Dvin

  7. 15

    The only big thing that’s changed for Sri Lanka is the possible opening up of Batticaloa. The Afghan units surrounding it now leave an open tile, and if Parakramabahu can get a melee unit in there, the city will be his. It will be the first time Sri Lanka has done anything in ages and I would personally be very happy. But after they take Batticaloa, Sri Lanka will probably never take a city again, as their only neighbours will be Vietnam and the Boers. – Admiral Cloudberg

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    While there isn't a whole lot Jandamarra can do, this PR thinks they do have a potential target: Sri Lanka. While the forces are few and far between, the Kimberley could theorectically mount a seaborn invasion of Sri Lanka, and take several cities off them. Would it raise them out of their ranks: Maybe, though probably not. Would it be interesting to watch: Absolutely – Msurdej

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    With the Australians once again faltering on the edges of their supply lines, Henry Morgan leaps in for the return of his cities. However, for all of his tenacity and guile, he cannot stop the Inuit White Walkers swarming south, taking the Australian cities - formerly Buccaneer ones. Will Henry Morgan's turning back of the Vegemite Tide only result in a White Walker victory, or shall the Pirates loot their way back into all of Central America? – Andy

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    Oh, how the mighty have fallen. With just one more DOW, Finland dropped out of the top 10, possibly for good. The lands that once housed the mighty Flying Carpet are now so devoid of units that even Sparta and Armenia were confident enough to declare war on Kekkonen. However, there is some good news for Top Kek: The InfoAddict slides revealed that they made peace with the Boers and Iceland, though they lost Constantinople to the legendary captial-sniping vikings. Finland will live to see another day, but at what cost? Only time will tell. – Technostar

  11. 11

    While Finland drops, The Blackfoot remain in a neutral spot, due to their inaction on all fronts. Joining the Australian gang-up might be risky for Crowfoot, but if he fails to act, the Inuit will continue to gobble up the North American holdings of Australia, leaving the Blackfoot surrounded when the White Walker's wrath inevitably descends on them. – Msurdej

  12. 10

    If anyone deserves a bump, it's the Mongols. Genghis Khan has basically secured three new cities all for himself and, while that doesn't seem like much, it makes him a stronger force to be reckoned with and shows that they can actually make gains, unlike some of these civs (Finland). If Genghis can get this gravy train moving, he could eventually invade one of his super power buddies and make a name for himself. – Jmangelo

  13. 9

    To the east, Finland continues to bleed away, her troops draining endlessly. Constantinople is on the verge of falling to the Icelandic forces, as Boer troops island hop across the Mediterranian, into Anatolia. Finland crumbles, and yet, Sweden does absolutely nothing. Her lands in the Balkans are completely deserted of troops, save for large air forces. Germany is similarly empty, aside from the odd mechanized artillery and SAM. Even the seas of Sweden are empty in comparison to Iceland from the west. Even as her biggest target and neighbour crumbles to dust, Sweden lacks any troops to make any gains. Time will tell if this shall be a trend. – Andy

  14. 8

    Kuchum Khan had an unexpectedly decent part, pressing on Vietnam in a war that had long been confined to a stalemate. In terms of keeping up the offensive, however, his reserves aren't up to scratch, and I'd be surprised if it took too long for the Trungs to reverse Sibir's gains. A sturdy looking Mongolia gazes hungrily from the east, while in the west, Finland has just made peace with both of its most existential threats. Sibir is still suffering from their incredibly central and exposed location on the map, but for now they're on an uneasy ascent. – Lacsirax

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    To any logical observer, there is no way Australia should be in the position that it is in. Having, by far, the largest military in the world, Australia should be crushing the Brazillian war machine. Instead their inability to launch an intercontinental invasion is making the laughing stock of superpowers. Their dominance of the ocean is being challenged by the Inuit, who for about more than half the tournament had not even had a sizeable fleet in the Pacific. Australia could be so much more but only time will tell if they wake up and smell the Vegemite. – Scissor

  16. 6

    These crazy Vikings have done it again. Although by now, stealing cities from Finland is like taking candy from a baby, even Mongolia can do it! If Iceland manages to push into Finland with their crazy armies and sniper haxx tactics, that might be the biggest upset the CBR has seen to date. All that remains in the way is a giant yellow blob that smells like Lutefisk, but I have no doubt that our sea men can overcome this challenge. – Scissor

  17. 5

    Even as Australia falters, with the Ice Sheet Fleets storming Japan, Korea remains silent and unmoving. The vast fleets in the Sea of Japan merely clog up the waters, while the land army is effectively nonexistent. Meanwhile, in Sakhalin, no move is made by Korea to reinforce the territory, even as great fleets and squadrons of Inuit boats and planes cross to seize Japan. Will Korea take Japan before the Ice Sheet Fleet captures it all, or has Sejong resigned himself to defeat? – Andy

  18. 4

    Although Concepcion has fallen to the Brazilian armed forces, Brazil and Australia engage in a brutal flip-of-cities along Brazil's Pacific Coast. Vilcas and Huamanga, despite being bombarded to oblivion and back, remains Australian. Corihuayrachina (Don't make me type that again please) repeatedly flips, its population reduced to a villager in a burning ruin. The presence of an Australian airbase in Tulum, containing 10 planes, does not help the Brazilian efforts to secure the coast. Will Brazil be able to defeat the Australian menace, and rule all of South America? – Andy

  19. 3

    Arguably I'm the worst person to be writing for Vietnam this week; as they fall to third I'm the only ranker keeping them at first. It is however clear why they've dropped. A surplus of puppeted cities on the Sibirian border has meant an urgent shortage of units, and until they reemerge from the Vietnamese core Bamda will remain grey and Nyingchi will continue to be threatened. However, what we saw of said core shows a decent home army, far stronger than Sibir's reserves. An early peace treaty is probably all that will win Sibir this whole war - and from there, Vietnam still look in the best position to take on the orange peril to the west. – Lacsirax

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    The Ice Sheet Fleet is having surprising success against the Australian navy. Multiple cities have already fallen, and others look ready to follow. Australia’s resistance is much weaker than anticipated, and the doors are open for a full-scale conquest of the North Pacific. A lack of many naval melee units may prove to be an issue down the road, but currently it seems that that isn’t stopping them. Keep up the good work, Ehnucickicantspellyournametosavemylife. – Glycolysis

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    This part wasn't too eventful for our orange overlords. Although they conquered Nicomedia and Varna, the most impactful thing they did was peacing out with Finland. The Boers abandoning their European campaign so early just reminds us how sleepiness affects the top ranked civs; then Yakutia, now Boers. They still are the most powerful civ in the cylinder but if the OCP were to happen again, I wouldn't count on the Boers to come out unscathed. If they don't do something quick to maintain their current hegemony, the number one ranking might become a lot less orange. – Scissor