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Power Rankings: Part 85

  1. 21

    It was destined to come to this, I suppose. Several nations have been bullied into compliance by the Boer state, but I refused to allow them to do the same to us. First they stole Nicomedia, then they stole Varna, and it proved impossible to tolerate further. However, this complaint was met with force: Dvin has been seized, and Boer forces will soon be upon Jerusalem. The Dvinnish Empire has fallen. Remember this event, Kruger, for your time will come. Sparta has never surrendered, and even in death its spirit will remain forever. -Mallock of Dvin

  2. 20

    Yakutia? More like SLIMkutia, as in, SLIM chance of these guys winning! Wait... ah hang on, that pun was meant to be for Kimberley – Lacsirax

  3. 19

    Last episode we saw the Boers swallow up a tiny power blemishing their continent with nary a sweat broken. Houston better start being worried, because the Inuit land army is looking strangely strong in his former holdings... In the mean time, he can keep on keeping put, building subs and sending threatening faxes to Brazil. – Lacsirax

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    As Australia and the Inuit clash over the former Hawaiian islands, Hawaii sits and pretends that they do not exist. The tactic seems to be working, given how they have yet to be killed off. As Dvin bites the dust, Kamehameha can rest peacefully, secure in the knowledge that he wasn't the first one out after the world spontaneously regenerated. Perhaps sitting on a completely irrelevant island will help Hawaii live longer? – Andy

  5. 17

    Iceland and Finland have declared war on Tibet, because it's fun I guess. Once upon a time, this might have been a dangerous for Songstan Gampo given FInland's reputation with paratroopers and XCOMs, but Urho Kekkonen is in no position to be attacking Tibet, even if there was enough space for the XCOMs to land (which there isn't). So for now, Tibet remains safe behind its massive wall made out of solid Vietnam. – Admiral Cloudberg

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    Looks like I have taken the mantle of judging these guys. Well, they only hold the same position as before because, unlike Sparta, they aren't dying; however, they decided to peace out of Batticoloa and won't even make an attempt at being any better than they are. I think we need to come up with something new for these guys because mulling over them every day feels disrespectful at times. Soooo what can Sri Lanka do well? Be frustrated? Yeah! They can't do anything! Incompetent Sri Lanka! – Jmangelo

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    Kimberley? More like YAWNberley am I right? Wait... ah dammit, that pun was meant to be for Yakutia. – Lacsirax

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    Men and women, young and old, your service is required by the Finnish Motherland! Those traitorous Swedes have struck our great nation once again. Our flying carpet has been decimated by the evil Boer Coalition, so it is up to YOU to fight to defend your homes! Come, take up arms against the Swedish! Make them remember what a winter war is like! – Technostar

  10. 12

    Henry Morgan needs to be commended because he has been making quite a nice recovery! Many of his losses at Australian hands have returned to his own hands! Two parts ago I said they could never recover Nassau, but now I am surprised that they now hold a majority of Mesoamerica and EVEN got another South America holding. If Henry can keep it up, I'll consider bumping him up from a weak power to an underdog... Also as long as he doesn't get DOW'd by the Inuit. – Jmangelo

  11. 11

    Last part, we power rankers were hyping Mongolia to no end. But that was before they made peace with an incredibly weak Finland. While Mongolia did manage to snag Khoro, they let Finland keep Turfan for no reason whatsoever. While the Mongol army is still denser than both the Siberian and Korean forces nearby, they would stand no chance if they can't even capture an undefended exclave. – Technostar

  12. 10

    There are only two nations who have yet to go to war since the reboot. One is Hawaii - a wise decision for a nation whose expansion prospects are precisely zero. The other is Crowfoot's Blackfoot, and again, it's not hard to see why; the only real border the Blackfoot have is with one of the most heavily militarised superpowers in the world, and a war against Australia might well yield nothing but an eternally flipping Baja California and losses in Hawaii and Palawan (yes, they own Palawan, remember?) Crowfoot's best bet is to chummy up to the Inuit, and go to war against the Buccs together; maybe ol' Nick will be kind enough to let him have a slice of his proverbial Caribbean pie. – Lacsirax

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    Even against the full strength of Vietnam, Sibir is still fighting to a stalemate. Their military will not last forever, though their production should be plenty to hold those few key mountain passes. However, this bloody stalemate with Vietnam means they cannot focus their energies elsewhere. If Sibir were to join with Sweden against the Finns once more, Sibir would be able to capture huge swaths of Finnish territory. Without mountains or hostile forces in the way, Finland wouldn't be able to do much in return. Sibir needs to make peace with Vietnam while they are ahead, then turn their attention elsewhere. – Technostar

  14. 8

    The Lion of the North has awoken, and it taking the fight to a beleaguered and battered Kekkonen. Already Swedish troops have begun marching east, creating a blockade on Helsinki and marching on Oulu and other Finnish cities. Will Sweden's bid for relevancy reward them, or will this trigger the beginning of the end for Sweden? – Msurdej

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    Fortunately for Australia, the Inuit attempts at seizing Japan have ended in disastrous failure, with the Ice Sheet Fleet's melee bits melted beneath the waves. Unfortunately for Australia, their South American holdings slip away further. A civ that Australia had once shoved to the edge of extinction, the beloved Buccaneers, retake cities lost from them. Even Tulum, the airbase that had cemented Australian power in the Americas, was seized by Brazil. Australia has fallen far from her lofty heights, and the vegemite grows ever further out of reach. – Andy

  16. 6

    I feel really bad because the Korea lead is dropping by one each part. They really haven't done anything wrong since the revival, they just haven't done anything RIGHT. If Mongolia attacks them, they would actually be in trouble! That seems insane considering their city number ratio, but since they have failed to rebuild their carpet in the past 10 or so turns at all, they are not really going to win them any favours with anybody. Poor Sejonj. – Jmangelo

  17. 5

    With the capture of Constantinople, Iceland now controls 10 capitals, more than any other civ. By some systems of measurement, that means Iceland is winning. And they have an opportunity to take even more. Their neighbour, Sweden, is invading Finland, and once Finland is crushed, Sweden will likely be stretched very thin. Iceland can sweep in and land a devastating blow against their Scandinavian neighbour. But will they? Only time will tell. – Admiral Cloudberg

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    A recent poll showed Brazil to be one of the least popular of the CBR's superpowers. I struggle to see why; since the Colono Wars of old they've stepped up their game and asserted their superiority over their whole continent, reversing Buccaneer gains and, now, beating "#1 military power" Australia fairly comprehensively (albeit on their own territory). Whatsmore, they're only a stone's throw away from the Boers' least militarised area, the Sahara desert. It would take unprecedented AI wit to launch a crippling attack on Kruger, but a human player could surely do it, and that's not something many civs in this game could say. – Lacsirax

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    Another part, another city lost to the much weaker Sibir. This time it was Nishapur that fell to Sibir’s forces. I genuinely can’t tell if this is occurring due to Vietnamese incompetence or Sibirian genius. Either way, Vietnam needs to get itself together and soon, and perhaps they could then turn the war around. Though, you know what would be more likely to work than attempting to turn the war around? Making peace, for God’s sake! This singular war has done significant damage to both Sibir and Vietnam, with nothing to show on either end. Let’s hope the Trungs take the high road and end this dispute. – Glycolysis

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    The Inuit are making gains on the mainland and are likely to kick out the Aussies in the near future. However, this is not without cost. The Inuit navy, suffering from a lack of melee ships, has failed to defend the gains the Inuit made in Hawaii and off Japan. If only the Ice Sheet fleet had melee units! Alas, our spies report that Ekeuhnick is focused on his own continent first and foremost and is planning to launch attacks against both the Buccaneers and Blackfoot in due time. His army is more than up to the task, though Ekeuhnick will probably struggle against the Buccs given the Inuit's abysmal naval record. Compared to the rest of the superpowers, the Inuit still have a notable edge. In the slides we've seen of them, the Inuit have annexed most of their major cities, including their Texan industrial centers. This can only help the Inuit grow their already massive army. – Technostar

  21. 1

    On the one hand, the Boers' slumber has once again been disturbed, and the legend of Dvin has become, well, a legend. Yet judging by the standard deviation, their grip on #1 continues to slip. Perhaps this has to do with the vast amount of puppeted cities remaining in their empire, none of which are capable of building or purchasing units. Perhaps it has to do with their dwindling population. Perhaps it has to do with a still utterly empty Sahara - the very land most vulnerable to invasion. Perhaps it's to do with a now unoccupied Iceland having the military upper hand on their rare border. Perhaps it's all of that combined. – Lacsirax