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Power Rankings: Part 86

  1. Sparta.jpg

    The first conqueror, the first killer, the most popular meme, and one of the bloodiest men in the entire Battle Royale... You did not disappoint, Leonidas. I will now write a eulogy in your native tongue. SPARTA STRONK! LEG DAY FOREVER! ARMENIA IS A FUCKING SPEAR SHAFT! PAUL KRUGER IS A PANSY WHO WON'T EVEN COME OUT OF HIS CAPITAL! ALL HAIL LEONIDAS! FUCK EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, everyone. You did Lord Mallock, Queen Gorgo, and God-King Leonidas proud. Leg Day Forever. – Jmangelo

  2. Tibet.jpg

    Tibet gets the rump end of the PR this week because they are at war with the most civs! Regardless of how safe they are, if any of the civs can get close to Tibet somehow, then Tibet will die. – Jmangelo

  3. Yakutia.jpg

    Yakutia's place at the ends of the earth means that his survival is almost completely ensured. Provided Korea, Sibir or Mongolia dont decide to kill him, or a total war isn't declared, Tygyn Darkhan should have lots of time to work on his new rap album. – Msurdej

  4. Texas.jpg

    Texas leapfrog Tibet back into 18th, but it's Tibet's loss and not Texas' gain. Australia's ommission from the local landscape does give them one less warmongerer to worry about, but this is still a game of when, and not if. – Lacsirax

  5. Hawaii.jpg

    Someone please kill these guys already. There are way too many of these little rump states that just need to be destroyed. Plus, it sucks doing write-ups on them for the power rankings. – Admiral Cloudberg

  6. Armenia.jpg

    As much as I would like to continue the trend of yelling "ARMENIA STRONK," I would like to point out to any Armenia supporter out there that Tiridates has a very rare moment. As Finland continues to crumble under the weight of the Swedish armies, Armenia could get a tiny snipe in and get a little more power before their candle burns out. – Jmangelo

  7. Finland.jpg

    Kekkonen has been up against the ropes for quite a few parts now. It's remarkable that they held out for so long, stretched so thin, with so few cities lost...until this part. Even as they made peace with most of their enemies, Sweden just absolutely blitzed their western border. Reduced to a thin sliver of cities between Sweden and Sibir, Finland shows no signs of rallying a serious defense of what's left of their core. – Patkellyrh

  8. Sri-Lanka.jpg

    And we are back again to see something COMPLETELY different. Sri Lanka has jumped a spot in the rankings! Wow! That would be so cool had it not been for the fact that it is only because one civ, which they lost their opportunity on taking a crack at, dove into their spot... Good job? – Jmangelo

  9. Kimberley.jpg

    Another part, another excellent year of sleep for our favourite exiled Australians. Basically everyone who writes this slide gives some variation on "they could probably do some damage to Sri Lanka," but we all know they won't, so I'm not going to say it. – Admiral Cloudberg

  10. Buccs.jpg

    Australia has been kicked out of North America, but in their place march White Walker forces. Henry Morgan is stuck between the two superpowers of the Americas with no way out, and with our spies reporting of a plot against him, Morgan may have an invasion on his hands in the not-too-distant future. – Technostar

  11. Mongolia.jpg

    Sitting at 11th, the hype of a Mongolian snowball has ended. With very few prospects now, one can suppose that the empty Korea is still an option for the Mongols. Until then, however, Genghis Khan will continue to be the small panther amongst three great tigers. with no hope of changing that position. Honestly, it sucks for any Mongol fans to see such low city count, defensive capabilities, and pop for this civ, as one would believe they could be doing a lot better than they currently are. – Jmangelo

  12. Blackfoot.jpg

    Crowfoot is ostensibly the last civ that can amount to anything thats left. The Inuit are closing in from all sides, how long until they make the Blackfoot nation the largest enclave ever? – Scissor

  13. Sibir.jpg

    The Sibir/Vietnamese border is an absolute meatgrinder. There is some very slow progress being made by Kuchum Khan, Kabul looks ready to flip next turn, and they've amassed significant forces that could break out from Bamda. After that, he'd be wise to get out while he's ahead and rebuild, Vietnam's reserves vastly outnumber Sibir's, and he also has long, exposed borders with newly aggressive neighbors like Sweden and Mongolia. – Patkellyrh

  14. Korea.jpg

    Sejong drops two places this part, not because they made a mistake, but because of number fuckery. No individual ranker dropped them more than one place, but due to math shenanigans, they ended up falling two. A continued drop is deserved however, because Korea's army is not in a position to attack any of their neighbours, severely limiting their expansion options. Although a few more units are starting to appear, they aren't building up anywhere close to fast enough. – Admiral Cloudberg

  15. Australia.jpg

    With his wars over(excluding the Buccaneers), Parkes is now left to wonder where it all went wrong. Once he was master of the BR, with cries of "WOLLONGATE" heard far and wide. Now, Australia is a shell of its former self, unable to escape onto another mainland, paitently waiting for another superpower to falter so it can have a chance. – Msurdej

  16. Iceland.jpg

    You know that feeling when you see your friends suddenly start doing better than you? That feeling when you realize that you're not at the top anymore? Yeah thats what Ingolfur must be feeling right now about European domination. Unless Iceland moves fast and swipes at the Swedes while they're recovering, his dream of conquering all of Europe might be lost. – Scissor

  17. Sweden.jpg

    I’ve been given the honor of doing the Sweden write-up this week, and damn was it a good week! The Lion of the North has awoken from its slumber, and has conducted one of the most efficient lightning wars I’ve seen in the Battle Royale, bar the Inuit conquest of Texas. With six capitals now under Gustavus’ belt, Sweden has jumped up in the power rankings into the top 5, though whether or not this is just because of the hype is still in the air. What isn’t still in the air is the fact that there are now only two real European powers remaining. – Glycolysis

  18. Brazil.jpg

    After a successful rout of the Australians, Brazil now share their continent with just one other power, meaning they're only one war away from theoretically uniting their continent. But therein lies their inherent issue; they've never held any land outside their continent, and with their historically subpar navy, it seems an unlikely prospect. That said, they do have a nice little squadron of paratroopers, and there's one very empty superpower within jumping range. But the Boers' defense values are too high for their army of paratroopers... surely? – Lacsirax

  19. Vietnam.jpg

    While Vietnam won't be facing any existential threat anytime soon, their war with Sibir shows just how bad Vietnam's army composition is. Drone carpets are excellent for damaging cities, but without a melee unit to capture them, the Trung sisters are left bombarding shelled-out border cities. They should make peace and look elsewhere - Korea and the Boers don't have mountains in their way and are nearly as devoid of units as Sibir. – Technostar

  20. Boers.jpg

    Kruger assimilated Sparta in two turns flat, which has to be a new CBR record. He's also starting to annex a lot of major cities in the old Kongo and Zulu cores. Despite both of these factors, the rankers' confidence in the Boers has fallen, and they've lost their first place position for the first time in 13 parts, making way for the Inuit to begin their fourth stint in the #1 spot. This isn't because of anything the Boers did, but rather because of stuff the Inuit did, so it's possible that another aggressive move by Paul Kruger could see them back on top. – Admiral Cloudberg

  21. Inuit.jpg

    Ekeuhnick regains the top spot for the first time since Part 73! And it comes after an impressive takedown of Australia on their home continent. Having only entered the war on the part before the hiatus, this was a quick and efficient operation, securing a tidy part of Central America for themselves (and crucially, not letting them slip to "allies" the Buccaneers). That slice of Latin America will come in handy for the American Unification Wars that will surely come. But don't get too happy, white walkers; the Inuit still did lose the Pacific Front of this conflict, and that's worrying in terms of their prospects of intercontinental expansion. Best get that Kamchatka foothold up and running sooner rather than later - Korea's looking a tasty target right now. – Lacsirax