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Power Rankings: Part 87

  1. Yakutia

    For now, it seems like Yakutia is experiencing a similar fate to Hawaii. Aside from Brazil, nobody cares enough about their little strip of Siberia to bother with war. Though then again, who would want a few extra tiles of snow? At least Hawaii has a tropical island. – Technostar

  2. Tibet

    With Vietnam looking to be dealt a heavy blow, Tibet should be concerned. Though, if they get insanely lucky, they could potentially take a city from Vietnam in the distant future. It’s a long shot, but it’s better than nothing I suppose. – Glycolysis

  3. Texas

    What is there to say about Texas anymore? And yet, something must be said. So I will begin what will hopefully become a tradition of filling Texas's slide with the Wikipedia page for the Battle of the Alamo, a few sentences at a time. "The Battle of the Alamo (February 23 – March 6, 1836) was a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution. Following a 13-day siege, Mexican troops under President General Antonio López de Santa Anna launched an assault on the Alamo Mission near San Antonio de Béxar (modern-day San Antonio, Texas, United States), killing all of the Texian defenders." – Admiral Cloudberg

  4. Hawaii

    If Vietnam is controlled by Tibet, the vast Australian ocean is secretly puppeted by Hawaii. Since the reboot Kamehameha has been digging his way into Parkes' psyche, implanting foreign thoughts into his head, like how to lose territory quickly, and how best to use your massive carpet - by sending troops to far off warzones to keep the peace (read: get in the way). With control of the largest army on the cylinder, who knows what horrors Hawaii have in store for the Cylinder? – Lacsirax

  5. Armenia

    For what might be the last time, Armenia has a chance to gain territory. If they attack Finland, there will be nothing Kekkonen can do to stop them. The only thing that could prevent Tiridates from making gains would be if Sweden takes the cities first, so he should jump in now before it's too late. Because once Finland is gone, Armenia will never capture a city again. – Admiral Cloudberg

  6. Finland

    In the four parts since the revival started, Finland has been quartered, much of its army is in tatters or useless carriers, and even Korea has begun picking at the carcass of Kekkonen. Now down to 8 cities, most of which are exclaves, it remains to be seen how long the super powers ignore the once might Finland. – Msurdej

  7. Kimberley

    Kimberley continues cooling in Wulungarra, doing nothing of note. Wait, why have we not moved them to the dead civs list already? – Andy

  8. Buccs

    The Buccaneers are stuck between a rock and a hard place, or in literal terms, between the Inuit and Brazil. If there's any consolation for these pirates, it's that both the Inuit and Brazil would have a hard time getting a navy to attack the Caribbean, though that won't stop them from plotting against Morgan. – Technostar

  9. Blackfoot

    We've gotten some contradictory intel since the reboot. Spies told us that the Inuit were plotting a war against the Blackfoot, but they also have a Declaration of Friendship. The Blackfoot have a solid unit carpet and strong unit composition - but they're also surrounded, outnumbered, and vastly out-teched. To have any hope of surviving, they need to get their units into the Future Era ASAP. – Patkellyrh

  10. Mongoiia

    It is taking far too much time for Mongolia to build their courage. A strike on Vietnam, believe it or not, sounds like an actual strategically competent move considering the pure focus on the Arabian peninsula and Central Asia. A coalition with Korea could even kill Vietnam (and Tibet) and ruin their chances at the BR. Mongolia could also attack the feeble Korea, but that may start being too crazy a move as the turns keep ticking away. – Jmangelo

  11. Korea

    I am glad Korea is doing something now. Knocking out Finland's exclave is a good move, but Sejong still lacks a land military and has too many carriers to succeed. I'd assume he is trying to slowly produce GDRs, but I am most likely very wrong. A lack of military presence since the reboot reset his biases probably means Korea will be down for the count. I am so worried that I believe even Genghis can kill the science kings, if not damage them mortally. – Jmangelo

  12. Sibir

    Sibir was deadlocked with the Trungs when Vietnam could focus exclusively on that front. Kuchum Khan should be poised for big gains now as Vietnam is forced to shift troops to the Arabian front - but as narrators, rankers, and commenters have all noted, they need to ramp up their troop production if they're going to make the most of that, and survive aggressive neighbors on their long western and northeastern frontiers. – Patkellyrh

  13. Australia

    For us power rankers, Australia always poses a dillemma. On one hand, they have the largest military on the face of the cylinder. On the other hand, they have no idea how to use it in transcontinental warfare. Fortunately for the Wobbegong Armada, Australia has adopted the Peacekeeper strategy used by the Boers, Hawaii, and Finland in the past. Since every single Australian land tile is now occupied by a unit, extra units that Parkes builds are automatically kicked out to the nearest bit of foreign land they have open borders with. They now have considerable forces in northeast Asia and Patagonia, though they will be kicked out of those regions if their open borders treaties end. – Technostar

  14. Sweden

    A part after Sweden's rapid blitzkrieg of Finland, Sweden continues the job they began. Sweden swiftly banishes Finland from their northern holdings, exiling a once major power to former Soviet, Byzantine, and Armenian cities. What is more, as Sweden grows, Iceland becomes closer and closer. Indeed, with some power plays, it may well be Sweden that unites Europe. Gustavus Aldophus has displayed a great aptitude for war. Will it remain so? – Andy

  15. Iceland

    Iceland has managed to get back into the top 5 by doing… nothing, actually. I guess that proves my suspicion from last week that Sweden rose so high mainly due to the hype surrounding it. Whatever the case, Iceland is yet to attack Sweden and the window of opportunity is slowly but steadily closing. With both the Boers and the Inuit looking ever stronger, this may be the last opportunity before being boxed in from all sides. Move quickly, Ingolfur. – Glycolysis

  16. Vietnam

    I knew what happened this part a whole week before anyone else, and I'm still trying to process it. I'm certainly no closer to knowing how things are going to turn out for the Trung Sisters. On the one hand they're now at war with the world's most feared power, a juggernaut of military and technological prowess, while still fending off a persistent Sibir. On the other hand, their armies don't look to be outmatched currently, and they can probably sustain a trench-warfare style stalemate if they focus on a few key chokepoints. It seems more likely than not they'll lose their Arabian peninsula holdings, but Pasargadae could be an easier defend. One things for sure - they'll be inviting as many Australian peacekeepers into the Sibirian fray as possible. – Lacsirax

  17. Brazil

    Break out the Carnivale folks! Thanks to the bungling Trungs, Brazil has reached third place, its new record! While Pedro must be happy, he should also be preparing for an assualt on Henry Morgan, giving him more production for the inevitable American showdown with Ekeuhnick. – Msurdej

  18. Inuit

    Well, Ekeuhnick's latest stint at the top of the leaderboard is over after just one part, thanks to the Boer DOW on Vietnam. But do not despair, people of the Ice Kingdom—if the Inuit attack the Blackfoot, you can be sure they'll be back on top in no time. While we wait, however, it would be a good idea for Ekeuhnick to extend his unit carpet into his holdings in Chukotka, because a successful invasion of Korea while Sejong is still relatively weak could be the only way for the Inuit to break out of the Americas. – Admiral Cloudberg

  19. Boers

    HAHA WE'RE BACK!! You didn't think that we'd allow anyone else to take number one for more than one part, did you? The Boers are back and they're out for blood. Vietnam could not have been caught in a worse position! Having a depleted Arabia, focusing on the Siberian meatgrinder, and puppeted everywhere relevant, Vietnam is now open to our advances. Kruger, having taken Basra, is showing what it means to truly be a hyperpower, but even the robotic menaces need to be wary of Vietnam's sizeable military and luck. However if the Boers can maintain their momentum, then Asia will be painted in a new shade of Oranje. – Scissor