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Power Rankings: Part 88

  1. 20

    Yakutia continues to sit in the Arctic Circle, waiting for the day that either Total War is declared, or the game crashes again. Hopefully the former. – Msurdej

  2. 19

    Tibet is at war with almost all of the major powers, except for the only one that can hurt them. Nevertheless, the general anti-Tibet climate sees them holding steady in second-to-last place, because every new DOW against them makes a Vietnamese attack more likely. – Admiral Cloudberg

  3. 18

    The Parkes Conspiracy continues as Kamehameha convinces the Australian elite to send their peacekeepers to Korea, Sri Lanka and the coasts of Brazil. Hawaii's endgame is self-evident; influence Parkes to send his entire army adrift, leaving Australia completely ripe for the taking. Unfortunately, the displacement of the entirety of Australia's horde will take longer than there are minutes left in the universe. – Lacsirax

  4. 17

    Texas continues to relax, its citizens enjoying the weather. Truly one of the greatest places on the cylinder. Anyway, “Santa Anna's cruelty during the battle inspired many Texans—both Texas settlers and adventurers from the United States—to join the Texan Army. Buoyed by a desire for revenge, the Texans defeated the Mexican Army at the Battle of San Jacinto, on April 21, 1836, ending the revolution.” – Glycolysis

  5. 16

    With the fall of Finland, Tiridates lost his only chance to gain a city. Relegated to 3 separate cities, it is only a matter of time until someone (probably Vietnam) puts them in the annals of history. Until then, it seems like Armenia is trying to foster good relations with Exclavia, a fellow confederation of city-states. Why else would they have not declared war? – Technostar

  6. 15

    As Finland loses its last foothold in Europe, it is fair to say that their chances of victory have crumbled. There is no eulogy yet, but Finland officially joins the Order of the Rump as the biggest of all Rumps. His boozing at meetings is legendary. Anyways, Finland needs to find peace somehow, and that might mean signing away cities close to Armenia, which would also eliminate their chances of stealing rump soil. Goodnight, Kekkonen, Kekkonen, Kekkonen, Kekkonen, Kekkonen. – Jmangelo

  7. 14

    With war raging on in the Middle East, Sri Lanka has an opportunity for relevance like never before. Being the only nation in the region to possess an actual carpet (however small, outdated, backward, and easily killed it may be), this gives Sri Lanka a great deal of flexibility. Will they all of a sudden snipe Baghdad, or otherwise damage Vietnam? Will they somehow throw off Boer efforts at conquering the Arabian peninsula? Or will Sri Lanka sit as always? Given how their rankings have always been sitting, don't expect Sri Lanka to arise.– Andy

  8. 13

    The Kimberley really only have two paths forward: try to take out Sri Lanka, which will leave their defenses incredibly exposed to both Vietnam and Australia, or join a coalition war and hope to make gains on the back of a larger power. Both avenues are risky, but they have a somewhat solid army and navy in spite of their borderline rump status. If Parkes joins Kuchum and Kruger in dogpiling Vietnam, look for the Kimberley to come along on their coattails. – Patkellyrh

  9. 12

    Henry Morgan holds steady in twelfth for the fourth part in a row. With all the nearby Australian cities gone, just about the only thing he can do is kill Texas, and he'll reach his maximum possible expansion. Even if every civ declared war on the Inuit or Brazil, he wouldn't be able to take anything from them, so we might be seeing the Buccs at their post-hiatus peak. – Admiral Cloudberg

  10. 11

    The only thing that could possibly have influenced Blackfoot's ranking this week was a nice shot of Inuit Canada, confirming the White Walker carpet is almost completely intact, much like its more famous television namesake. Well, we did also some Blackfoot overflow in Vietnam, but if Crowfoot captures a Vietnamese core city this ranker will summarily eat their figurative ranking hat and fly a Blackfoot flair for all to see. – Lacsirax

  11. 10

    Genghis, it might be wise to do something. Anything, please. The window of opportunity is closing fast. Korea, Sibir, even Vietnam could be a target! Just please don’t fall back into irrelevancy. The dreams of the tens of Mongolia fans rely on an optimistic strike on a neighbor. – Glycolysis

  12. 9

    Another part, another week of disappointing Sejong. Genghis's carpets are continuing to spill over into Korea, and it seems unlikely that Sejong will be roused to action against his neighbors anytime soon. – Msurdej

  13. 8

    Alas, the times do not look kindly upon Sibir. While Vietnam rises, Sibir remains stagnant. Despite the destruction that the Boers have wrought upon Vietnamese Arabia, Vietnam has taken and secured Nishapur and Bamda, while Carrolton flips endlessly on. As the Boers march onwards to Vietnamese Persia, Sibir finds itself at a loss to repeat such, instead falling backwards behind the Hindu Kush and the Tian Shan. Even more worrisome is the lack of Siberian units, their core being barren. Will Sibir be able to hold out, or has their fall finally begun? – Andy

  14. 7

    Iceland had better seize this chance. If they fail to strike while Sweden is overextended, they may never have a shot at it again. Their navy may be more powerful than Sweden's, but Sweden just gained a large swath of territory to build units with. The Inuit are sleeping and the Boers are occupied, but it is only a matter of time before fortunes could turn. – Technostar

  15. 6

    As they finish mopping up Finland's accessible holdings, Sweden can either rebuild their western defenses along the border with Iceland, or push on through Sibir. Kuchum Khan is badly exposed, and Sweden could take advantage of that to become a major contender - but they'd run the risk of Iceland pouncing from the west. There's a strong argument for either approach, but as the saying goes, fortune favors the bold. Patkellyrh

  16. 5

    Brzail takes a tumble this week, an once you look in the InfoAddict, it becomes clear. While he has made signifcant strides in military, he is still lagging behind some of the other great powers in terms of production and population. I also realized what Pedro might be planning: instead of attacking the Buccs, he is waiting/hoping that Ekeuhnick will tire himself out fighting Morgan, giving Brazil time to strike. – Msurdej

  17. 4

    After hearing “Australia is underrated” one too many times, multiple rankers decided to take it to heart. As such, Australia’s made its way up in the world, coming to rest at the #4 spot. As for the situation of Australia in-game, not too much has changed. Vietnam could be a potentially tasty target, though, if Parkes feels so inclined to make a move. Caption: A scene from all the way back in Part 66. For our enjoyment, let’s hope these waters run red once again. – Glycolysis

  18. 3

    For the Trungs, losing Arabia is a major setback to how far they've come. This and the war with Sibir, which is turning in their favour, may herald the end for Vietnamese expansion Westward. After the war in Central Asia is over, the Trungs should concentrate their forces North after rebuilding to revitalize after their losses. – Jmangelo

  19. 2

    Congratulations Ekeuhnick, you've made it into the 10k Production club! So far, just you and The Boers(13k) are in it, but with your mighty hammers, you'll be able to churn out armies, buildings, and dank memes even faster than your neighbors. We can only hope that one day, you'll use those armies. – Msurdej

  20. 1

    Last week we predicted the Boers would breeze through Arabia at a relatively carefree rate before running out of steam at Pasargadae. Well, they actually stopped short at Baghdad, but otherwise our prediction was fairly spot-on. However, another thing we saw coming was a lack of immediate reserves, and sure enough, Boer Arabia looks to contain enough troops to at most defend their new conquests - and possibly even be pushed back. It probably won't be long until Kruger funnels some more forces to the front, mind you. A larger long-term concern is their naval evaporation - it would only take one little melee unit for Vietnam to take Kufah or Khurasan, both on 0HP! And losing African mainland would be incredibly humiliating. – Lacsirax