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Power Rankings: Part 89

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    The light of liberty, first set aflame by America, kept bright by the Mughals before passing to Tibet, has finally been extinguished. Tibet's downfall is the reset's fault, replacing all the confused relations of the Cylinder with a simpler, us v them mentality; as the one living nation with an ideology other than autocracy, their days were inevitably numbered. Still, Tibet managed to make the top 20, achieving a far greater rank than many in the early days would have dared to dream - they finished most wars with one or two less cities than they started with, after all. A perennial underdog, but this late in the game, being an underdog is not enough. – Lacsirax

  2. 19

    Another day goes by and nothing happe- OH GOD WHAT IS THAT GREEN THING? IS THAT A BRAZILIAN POWER ARMOR? "In the early morning hours of March 6, the Mexican Army advanced on the Alamo. After repelling two attacks, the Texians were unable to fend off a third attack. As Mexican soldiers scaled the walls, most of the Texian soldiers withdrew into interior buildings. Defenders unable to reach these points were slain by the Mexican cavalry as they attempted to escape. Between five and seven Texians may have surrendered; if so, they were quickly executed." – Jmangelo

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    Tygyn enjoys a little bump in the rankings this week, but he shouldn't flatter himself - it was through no fault of his own. Tibet's death and Texas' peril is the only thing keeping the Yaks afloat. As soon as Sibir decide they're no longer worth keeping around, that'll be all for the fallen sleeping giant. – Lacsirax

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    With the death of Songtsan Gampo, Kamehameha seems ready to take up his mantle. Like Tibet, Hawaii is completely surrounded by a major power, and has spies throughout that power to control its every move. But now that Vietnam has exorcised the city-state possessing it, will Australia also wake up and realize what's going on? –Admiral Cloudberg

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    It's official! Finland is now Exclavia and, with Armenia and settling some old arguments, agrees to form the Order of the Exclaves! No but really they could collapse any moment. – Jmangelo

  6. 15

    It would have been such sweet revenge if Armenia had managed to snipe a city off of Finland's collapse. But as it stands, Sweden holds that sweet Armenian clay. Withe Boers approaching from the south and Sweden now bordering them to the north, Armenia's days are probably numbered. – Patkellyrh

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    There could be a steal of Batticaloa in this civs future! – Jmangelo

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    Henry Morgan... Arrrrrrrr. They can only hope to hit Texas or Iceland right now with some good timing.... arrrrrr – Jmangelo

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    Things are looking worse and worse as each second passes. Soon Crowfoot will be surrounded by the Inuit forces, and their tech will not matter. Will the Blackfoot go the way of the Buffalo? – Jmangelo

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    With very little effort on their parts, Monoglia has managed to hold 10th place for 3 parts since the revival, fufilling my prediction WAY back in part 73. Genghis is now a member of the top 10, mostly due to other civs failing and less to due with his own prowess. So kudos Genghis; Kudos for existing – Msurdej

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    Korea has a conundrum to deal with. They have the 5th largest production in the world, a large population, but have a military smaller than Sweden and neighboring Mongolia (a gap even bigger when you remember that Korea's navy would mean little against Genghis). Sejong might believe that his 37 tech advantage will save him, but it would be wise for Sejong to remember that power armor didn't save Arabia from being destoryed by Ethiopian Paratroopers. – Msurdej

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    They're doing really well! I am surprised by the Khan. The empty core is awful, but they are about to hold central Asia! – Jmangelo

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    Iceland's road to victory goes through Sweden, whose western frontier is badly exposed right now -- but that isn't likely to last. Iceland has likely reached their highwater mark if they don't take advantage of Sweden's distractions and storm Europe soon. – Patkellyrh

  15. 6

    It's looking like Sweden truly might become the unifiers of Europe (ignore Iceland). With Vietnam slowly but surely collapsing, Sweden looks to be the last barrier for the Boers to claim world domination. Sweden better gobble up their neighbors soon in order to hope to stand a chance against the Boers. Gustavus don't fail us now! – Scissor

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    The song of the Mountain King comes to an end as the Trungs commit the greatest atrocity. Some claim it was panicking, rioting citizens, some say it a last ditch effort to save a palace before the Sibir and Boers close in on the Middle East and Central Asia. Time to make piece, Trungs. – Jmangelo

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    Of the top 5 civs, Brazil might have one of the weakest reasons to be there. Sure they claim a continent but where else can they expand? The Buccs and none else. Any other choice requires a navy, one thing Pedro does lack in spades. Although his ranking might be explained by the fact that the rankers get free Carnival tickets. – Scissor

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    After a bizarre boost in the rankings last week, despite having achieved even less than usual, Australia are starting to tumble back down. This might have to do with the absolute debacle in the Caribbean, where they threw a terrifically small fleet at a far inferior nation, before peacing out with an admittedly cushy deal. Hopefully this overrated empire will continue to fall in the rankings to worthier, more geopolitically engaged nations. #shade – Lacsirax

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    I can honestly not believe how far the Inuit have come. From early icy holdings to ownership of most of North America, it is unlikely that any civ can challenge them as they continue to climb in power. I fail to even recall a war they have lost. We all know the current courses of action: "Kill Buccs, Kill Blackfoot, Kill Brazil." The slow glacial shift is coming. – Jmangelo

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    Following Kruger's unexpectedly successful conquest of the Vietnamese Middle East, Kruger continues to hold strong at first place with the lowest deviation in a long time. Vietnam's drone UAVs simply can't stand up to the raw strength of Boer Biotroopers and Robot Infantry, and those units combined with Kruger's powerful air force are tearing through a civilization many were sure could not be invaded. Bar a miracle, we may never again see the Boers lose their top spot. – Admiral Cloudberg