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Power Rankings: Part 90

  1. Texas

    Most eyewitness accounts reported between 182 and 257 Texians died, while most historians of the Alamo agree that around 600 Mexicans were killed or wounded. Several noncombatants were sent to Gonzales to spread word of the Texian defeat. The news sparked both a strong rush to join the Texian army and a panic, known as "The Runaway Scrape", in which the Texian army, most settlers, and the new Republic of Texas government fled from the advancing Inuit Army. Alas for the Lone Star State, in the end, they have fallen. What began as a grand campaign, slaughtering the Sioux, avoiding a crippling defeat through Mexican incompetence, and beating up America, began to end when the Inuit, fresh out of conquering Canada, marched in. From there on, Texas spent 47 parts clinging on to life. In these 47 parts, Texas pulled off feats such as reclaiming and holding Laredo while upon the brink of death, nuking Ciudad Juarez, the Mexican capital, into the ground. Alas, after 90 parts, outliving Canada, the United States, and even their oft-fought enemy Mexico, their run is over. Press F to pay respects. – Andy

  2. 18

    Right before the hiatus, we had these guys pegged to be the next ones on the chopping block. But, in a twist of fate, the armies of Brazil looked to Texas instead. While they are ranked 18th, their ice-olated spot might just let them outlive several more civs if they are lucky. Keep snoozing, Yaks. – Technostar

  3. 17

    Once again, Hawaii staves off their imminent fall to the last place in the rankings, not through some sort of grand plot, a land army, or even a naval carpet to delay their fate. No, they've managed to continue their hovering above last place as ever, by virtue of not being Yakutia or the now-dead Texas. Will Hawaii ever sink to the bottom of the Power Rankings, before they are killed? – Andy

  4. 16

    Urho hasn't kept the same capital for more than one part in some time, but Tyumen, his government-in-exile's newest haunt, will be somewhat more difficult to reach from Sweden than the others were. Obviously Finland's days as a power are over, so where do they rank in the rump stakes? Well, having three cities far away from each other means the only civ who could reasonably eliminate them is Vietnam, and they have bigger things on their plate right now. Plus Batticaloa is still protected by a nice little neutral Afghan army. So they'll probably be sticking around for a while. – Lacsirax

  5. 15

    With Finland reduced to three far flung exclaves, Armenia cements its 15th place. But it will take far more stronkth for Tiridates to breach Sri Lanka's iron grip on 14th place. With war raging in the Middle East though, this might just be the time to attack Vietnam, and snipe a city from the Boers. – Msurdej

  6. 14

    Last part we saw a Kimbereley fleet heading around India, and it seems quite likely that Sri Lanka is their target. This is a war the power rankers have been encouraging for a long time, but is Parakramabahu ready to defend himself? Only the next part can tell us if there will be a war at all. – Admiral Cloudberg

  7. 13

    Although they may be well behind the tech levels of the giants, sporting long-outdated Information and Atomic Era weaponry, the Kimberley carpet has spilled well outside their own lands, blanketing the vast majority of Vietnamese Indochina. Furthermore, with a fleet being sent towards Sri Lanka, has Jandamadda readied himself for war? That being said, if Jandamadda does declare on Sri Lanka, he may find himself being puverized by the Trungs, who have recently signed a Declaration of Friendship with Sri Lanka. What will happen next? Find out in Part 91! – Andy

  8. 12

    Like it or not, the Buccs are playing the waiting game and it is working. They are rebuilding their military to protect themselves as best they can and looking for an opening on any of their enemies to claim territory. Henry Morgan, I don't think you're going to win but I think you can still impress us. – Jmangelo

  9. 11

    As punishment for messing up Australia's write-up last time, I've been given the Blackfoot as punishment. So, what to say... Uh... Oh, yeah, they got a new neighbour this part. Could Brazil conquer the Blackfoot from Laredo alone? Probably not. Could the Blackfoot take Laredo from Brazil? Probably not. Damn, even less interesting than I thought. – Lacsirax

  10. 10

    Ugh, really? Mongolia AND the Blackfoot? Haven't I suffered enough? Mongolia continue to frustrate, surrounded by three powers that they could reasonably expect to take a city or two off, but staying put in their stagnant peace instead. I mean, no real shade to Genghis - I'd love to live in his peaceful, beautiful, not-too-crowded empire. Especially with Hawaiian student exchanges happening! – Lacsirax

  11. 9

    Korea showed great promise in steamrolling Yakutia, but they've been concerningly quiet since the hiatus ended. They have more opportunities for expansion than most civs, but seemingly lack the motivation, and maybe the land army, to take advantage. – Patkellyrh

  12. 8

    Sibir staying in this eternal war may actually work out in the end. Vietnam is weaker, and Sibir’s army isn’t decreasing. If they can get across those mountains, they’ll be free to eat as much of northern India and western China as they wish. However, if they get distracted in any other war, Kuchum will have quite a lot to worry about. – Glycolysis

  13. 7

    Its unknown how long the Open Borders with Sweden will last, but if it ends soon, it might be best for Ingolfur to ready his troops for an assualt into Sweden. Ingolfur stands much to gain from such an attack, and if Gustavus keeps his back turned, the attack is an inevitability. But any move from Iceland comes at the risk of angering the Boers, and if Kruger moves against Ingolfur, the results could be dire. – Msurdej

  14. 6

    If you look at the minimap, Sweden looks like they are in a powerful position. Yet, that misses their underlying problems. Of the 9 global powers, Sweden's production is the worst. Meanwhile, their core looks almost as deserted as the Finnish lands they just conquered. Sweden needs to annex their vast new lands and pump out a new military fast. At least their only close neighbors are the naval-focused Iceland and the even more sparsely militarized Sibir. –Technostar

  15. 5

    The Trung Sisters continue to lose ground in the Middle East, being pushed back slowly but surely into former Persia by the robot armies of Kruger. But the farther Vietnam is pushed back, the strogner their defenses become. It remains to be seen how long before the Boers get trapped in the Middle Eastern meatgrinder. – Msurdeh

  16. 4

    Texas is a nice little victory, but it's not like Pedro can defend Laredo if the Inuit or Blackfoot attack. Their path to victory is narrow, and passes through the Inuit - in the meantime, they'd be wise to attack the still-reeling Buccs before Morgan can rebuild. Down the road maybe they can utilize the Caribbean as an unsinkable aircraft carrier and staging ground for strikes into the Inuit's North American heartland. – Patkellyrh

  17. 3

    Australia has quite the opportunity right now. Vietnam is probably at its weakest since its war with Korea, and with the latter now being the host of thousands of Australian soldiers, they could inflict major damage if they go to war. Vietnam’s core is weak, so if the initial northern attack falters they could easily land and take Hanoi if they so desire. Your time is now, Australia: unleash the (outdated) Diggers. – Glycolysis

  18. 2

    The Inuit continue to relax. It’d serve them nicely to declare war on someone. They could flatten either the Blackfoot or the Buccaneers, and would do well against Iceland too. The only thing they shouldn’t be during right now is nothing at all, but if that’s what they want who am I to try to stop them? I’m just a ranker. – Glycolysis

  19. 1

    In Part 90, Kruger continued his rampage through western Vietnam, and he shows no signs of stopping. Despite this continued success, the Boers can't go any higher in the rankings. One has to wonder, what would it take to knock the Boers out of the top two? Personally, I don't think it's possible. – Admiral Cloudberg