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Power Rankings: Part 91

  1. 18

    Today on Cylinder Would You Rather, our contestants will be choosing between... THE YAKUTIAN WASTELANDS... ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR THE IRRADIATED HUSK OF THE MIDDLE EAST! VOTE NOW ON YOUR PHONES! – Andy

  2. 17

    Right, that's it. It's official. There is nothing more to say about Hawaii. Yep, we're done here. Everyone go home. We've achieved what we set out to achieve, which was to say everything conceivable about Hawaii. Our 90 part-long mission is finally over. – Lacsirax

  3. 16

    Kekkonen's evisceration seems to have stopped, as Sweden must now focus on Iceland. But the glory days of Finland are over, and Kekkonen can only drink Stalin's vodka and wonder where it all went wrong – Msurdej

  4. 15

    Armenia is whiffing on their best remaining chance at expansion. But if they can unpuppet Gaza, build a settler, and get it into position before those tiles are eaten up, their comeback is virtually guaranteed. – Patkellyrh

  5. 14

    I mean, I’d love to say that Sri Lanka could actually do something here, and while it’s technically true, I think most people can agree that nothing will be done. Though, if we want to be idealists here… Colombo will be reclaimed before 2018! India shall be united under an Indian banner! Sri Lanka will rise again! – Glycolysis

  6. 13

    In part 90, we saw something very interesting: Jandamarra's unit carpet is expanding to fill in Vietnam's lands in Southeast Asia. This carpet would evaporate if the two civs went to war, but in an alliance with Australia, Jandamarra might do some real damage. It's a scant hope, but maybe, just maybe, the Kimberley have one last ace up their sleeve before they depart from the world once and for all. – Admiral Cloudberg

  7. 12

    Henry Morgan continues to rebuild his army, and sure up his defenses. While the Iceland/Sweden war might be an opportunity to reclaim lost European territory, it seems unlikely that the Buccs will take another city. Then again, nobody thought Olangapo would fall to Crowfoot. – Msurdej

  8. 11

    Crowfoot dip in ratings comes from one source: Production. His nation is lagging behind Henry Morgan, despite having more cities than the Buccaneers. If Crowfoot wants to have any chance against the White Walkers, he gonna need to increase productivity. – Msurdej

  9. 10

    Diary of the Khan's faithful servant: I served Great Khan some horse milk today. In order to light the fire within him once again, I added some authentic Vietnamese spices into his milk. For a brief second, I thought it had worked but the Khan only burped and demanded I bring him wine. He fell asleep murmuring something about a horde on an open field. – Scissor

  10. 9

    As ever, Korea remains turtling, slowly rebuilding their forces as their Chinese holdings are occupied by Australian peacekeepers. If Korea wishes to become a power again in this cruel and autocratic world, they must bulk up, and repel the inevitable Inuit descent. Furthermore, they ought begin to start taking scraps of the falling Vietnamese Empire, rather than simply watching it crumble. Time will tell if Korea is an Ethiopia, or a Sweden. – Andy

  11. 8

    Sibir continues to hold out against the Vietnamese tide, and it increasingly seems likely that Kuchum Khan and Kruger will share... a Boerder. If such a event occurs, Sibir will hope that the mounatins near Ghanzi and Carrollton are a good a defense against the Boers as they have been for Vietnam. – Msurdej

  12. 7

    Oh dear. When the war with Kruger broke out, most rankers were agreed that while the Boers would definitely win, they were unlikely to get any further than Pasargadae, where the terrain would start to favour Vietnam. This part, Persepolis fell, along with a host of other Persian cities. The Boers aren't slowing down - if anything, they're getting faster. At this point, the Trungs' only viable option seems to be one of their famous peace deals - but if they can't even convince Kuchum to give up and go home, is Kruger really going to swallow it? – Lacsirax

  13. 6

    Alright Men, the day we knew would come is here. Iceland attacks our borders. We may have less men, less science, and less production, but there is one thing they lack we have in spades: Determination. We crushed Hitler. We beat back Sparta. We stood up to the Boers. We have reduced Kekkonn to a gibbering pile. Now, we face our toughest challenge yet, but if we succeed: Europe is ours. – Msurdej

  14. 5

    War erupts in Europe, as the Icelandic forces strike against their Swedish foes. Already, blood and gore coats Europe and Anatolia, with Messene and Tigranocerta flipping to Swede and Icelandic respectively. While Sweden's core appears empty and puppetted, Iceland has fully annexed their European holdings, with large armies in Italy. Unfortunately, there are no recent shots of Icelandic France, meaning we do not know how prepared Iceland truly is. May the greatest have victory! – Andy

  15. 4

    Brazil is just very hard to rank because they aren't good enough to fight the big 3 but they are certainly one of the most powerful civs on the cylinder. Perhaps Pedro takes pride in being the perpetual average competitor. – Scissor

  16. 3

    Australia sits tight in third place for the fourth straight part, and as Vietnam crumbles before our eyes, it doesn't look like they're going anywhere any time soon. And given how empty Vietnam's core has become, it's imperative that Henry Parkes strike as soon as possible. If Australia declares war now, Vietnam will be in serious trouble and could even lose its capital. – Admiral Cloudberg

  17. 2

    The Inuit have been underwhelming since they picked up a few cities in Central America. They have the air force, XCOMs, and production to rapidly take broad swaths of territory...but they actually need to execute that regularly to catch up to the Boers. – Patkellyrh

  18. 1

    As Lacs said previously, the PRs didn't believe Kruger wouldn't get past Pasagarde. Kruger has proved us all wrong though, as the armies of the Boer march onwards toward Hanoi. While Nuclear armageddon may slow things down, The Boers see no reason of slowing down for now. – Msurdej