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Power Rankings: Part 92

  1. GhostBalls

    Coiot: Our first new GhostBalls page since the reboot. Trying out a new format to match my PR slides. Could not have time to do so for all elminated civs, but you are welcome to enjoy the debut of the new Spartan GhostBall, made by myself, along with Pizzarcato's Tibet GhostBall and SabyZ's Texas GhostBall.

  2. 18

    Msurdej: Take out the papers and the trash / Or you don't get no spendin' cash / If you don't scrub that kitchen floor / You ain't gonna rock and roll no more

  3. 17

    Jmangelo: So... can you do something? Declare war on Parkes and steal an island or two? Or die? Something?

  4. 16

    Glycolysis: What is there even to say about Finland now? Two cities are nothing more than a warzone, and the third is under the authority of the Afghan Red Army. I’d ask for someone to put them out of their misery, but at this point I think everyone else is preoccupied with something or another.

  5. 15

    Glycolysis: Armenia is running out of time to perform a miraculous restoration. The Boers have already swept through the region, and if nothing is done soon, Armenia could be wiped off the map in an instant. On the bright side, though, they aren’t a full enclave yet!

  6. 14

    Admiral Cloudberg: Honestly, I have a hard time believing that Sri Lanka ever existed. Does anyone else just think that red splotch in India is a mirage, a figment of our overly creative imaginations?

  7. 13

    Technostar: The Kimberley have the best opportunity they've had in a long time. Vietnam is being attacked from all sides and their once-great carpet is now depleted. However, it seems the Kimberley are content for now with stalling Australia instead. The Kimberley have several times as many units in Vietnam's core as Vietnam does, though the Kimberley would probably profit more from a war right now than from keeping the peace forever.

  8. 12

    Lacsirax: The outbreak of war between Brazil and the Inuit gives the Buccaneers a very unique opportunity. Said war is very unlikely to see further action, but if Morgan declared war on one of the combatants now, there's a good chance the Buccaneers would be completely conquered, paving the way for the Great War of the Americas to begin in earnest... hey, I didn't say it would be a GOOD opportunity!

  9. 11

    Jmangelo: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

  10. 10

    Andy: Alas, the sun has begun to set on Mongolia's opportunites, which they so slothfully wasted. Sibir is soon to come out of the Vietnamese meatgrinder, while the Australian peacekeepers in Korea head off to make war, allowing Korea to produce their own domestic army. Perhaps their greatest achievement this part was to continue existing.

  11. 9

    Admiral Cloudberg: Sejong holds steady in ninth for now, even as he spits out one or two of the military units that were so conspicuously missing earlier. But Korea is rapidly running out of opportunities. Sejong needs to attack Vietnam now, while they're being hammered by Australia, or risk facing a strengthened Australia later.

  12. 8

    Technostar: Ouch. With an Aussie DOW, Vietnam is now in dire straits on all fronts. While their submarine fleet will get in the way of any amphibious landing, Australia already has enough units on land to do some serious damage. In Persia, the Vietnamese defense is slowly falling to the advancing Boer hoards while city after city gets nuked. In Sibir, the bloody meatgrinder continues to drain away at their reserves. If there is any solace, the sheer size of Vietnam, their mountains, and the Kimberley peacekeepers in their core should stall enemy advances for quite some time.

  13. 7

    Andy: At last, the tides have turned in the long, brutal, and draining war. As the Vietnamese begin to falter with an Australian D-Day onto the mainland, and the Boers continue smashing away at the mountains of Afghanistan, Sibir is poised to make a comeback. Will Sibir walk out of this war with a net profit of cities, despite having lost 6 cities off the bat so many parts ago? This ranker hopes they will.

  14. 6

    Admiral Cloudberg: Sweden is in serious trouble. Although their ranking hasn't started to drop yet, they are losing cities much faster than they're gaining them, relinquishing Ohrid, Tegea, and most of the population in Munich in exchange for Constantinople (on which their grip is also tenuous). Iceland is clearly winning the battle; the question is how far will they go before Gustavus halts the invasion? If it doesn't happen soon, Sweden's time in the top 6 will be short-lived.

  15. 5

    Glycolysis: They could’ve picked anyone to do the write-up for Iceland, but they picked the one person who ranked Sweden above them. Ah well, I’ll try to be positive here. Although Iceland has stalled in Germany, turning Munich into a warzone, the Balkan front is moving along nicely. So long as their Danubian offensive doesn’t stall out around Lodz, Iceland could come out of this war the decisive victor.

  16. 4

    Lacsirax: Brazil's North American Escapade lasted all of one part, as Laredo falls to St. Nick. War with the Inuit would be a terrifying prospect for any other nation in America, but Brazil have a nice Bucc buffer and incredibly defensible geography, so here at the Rankings none of us are betting on them losing any more cities. Indeed, they have one of the tightest deviations in the rankings, with a range of only 3rd to 5th - compare that to Korea, who this week were ranked anywhere from 5th to 11th

  17. 3

    Andy: Despite launching D-Day against Vietnam, as well as August Storm from the north, Australia fails to move in the rankings, due to how the Inuit still maintain better statistics, as well as a declaration of war of their own. That being said, Australia has already seized parts of Malaysia, as well as having advanced into Fujian. X-Coms make up the majority of the southern force, while a mixture of biotroopers, biodrones, and diggers make up the two northern forces. As the Boers continue to pull the corkscrews on Vietnam, and Sibir drains the Vietnamese army, will it be the Aussie hammer that makes the Trungs shatter to dust?

  18. 2

    Jmangelo: The Inuit onslaught has begun! Pedro! Prepare to lose Laredo and perhaps another city or two!... Not the best choice for war, but I won't judge too much. Regardless, the White Walkers have come!

  19. 1

    Msurdej: The Boers manage to go negative on cities this week, as Vietnam manages to retake a few cities. But this seems the BR equivalent to The Battle of The Bulge. Vietnam's hold in Iran is tenuous, and with the attack from Australia, Vietnam will be more preoccupied in the East. Kruger can make even more gains here, but peace might be more fruitful. Forcing the Sisters into a deal can secure his foothold, and allow his armies to begin preparing to pick off the eventual conqueror of Europe.