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Power Rankings: Part 93

  1. 18

    Scissor: The best part about being reduced to a rump is that Yakutia gets to sleep in peace like they were fond of doing for most of the BR.

  2. 17

    Glycolysis: Hawaii exists. I have proof.

  3. 16

    Scissor: At this point, it's better to put the Kekk out of his misery. It seems that all that he's good for is for Sweden to try and play target practice with. However with the Vietnamese Crush he might have to prepare himself for some new orange neighbors.

  4. 15

    Msurdej: All things considered, Armenia is on borrowed time more than ever. Once Kruger has tired of Vietnam conquests, Armenian clay, with its low defenses and meager troops, will probably be next on Kruger's chopping block.

  5. 14

    Andy: Sri Lanka continues to do what they're good at, which in this case is being mediocre and sleepy. In the future, I expect them to play a larger role in the Cylinder, as a sovereign roadblock between the Boers and Southern India/Former Sri Lanka. Of course, this assumes the Boerg doesn't just assimilate them as well.

  6. 13

    Patkellyrh: The Kimberley have more troops in Vietnam than the Trungs. If possession is 9/10ths of the law, we should really intervene in the game and gift them a few cities by now.

  7. 12

    Technostar: The Buccs are no longer sandwiched between two warring powers, but if either Brazil or the Inuit declare war, Morgan will be in big trouble.

  8. 11

    Jmangelo: God. It musf really suck to be a Blackfoot fan knowing they cannot win any battles right now. They cannot even touch the Buccs because they allowed Texas to be taken by Brazil

  9. 10

    Lacsirax: Well, it's been several turns now and Mongolia hasn't declared war on Vietnam, so I think we can rule that one out. Even worse, Sibir have made peace with their long-term foes, and might have eyes for an easier expansion next time. With Korea remilitarizing, the brief window where we hoped Mongolia could achieve something insane has closed. Maybe just finish Yakutia off? Just so you can say you took someone out?

  10. 9

    Msurdej: Oh how the mighty continue to fall. Vietnam loses more and more land in Persia and Afghanistan, and now finds the North East and South East turning a different shade of green. The Trungs made peace with Kuchum this part though, meaning that at least ONE disastrous war is over. But they'll need to issue some more peace deals if they don't want to fall OUT of the top 10

  11. 8

    Admiral Cloudberg: Despite the narrator's emphatic assertions that Korea was rebuilding its army, they quite clearly aren't, and their chance to invade Vietnam has all but vanished. By the end of next part, their southern border might well be an entirely new shade of green. Korea could still beat Mongolia if they built up their army more, but their window of opportunity is just about gone.

  12. 7

    Lacsirax: Sibir's war with Vietnam, arguably the catalyst for the mass conflicts that followed, has ended. And while Sibir are probably enjoying a pretty penny as recompense, we can't forget that this war stretched way back before the hiatus, and overall, this was still a serious loss for a nation that hadn't lost a war since the Huns. That said, Sibir have found themselves in a somewhat fortunate position, with all their most powerful neighbours entirely preoccupied with their own affairs. Sibir could gain a city or ten from Sweden if he felt so inclined, and naturally he'd wipe the floor with a technologically backward Mongolia. As long as he watches out for the Orange Menace to his south, Kuchum should be feeling comfy.

  13. 6

    Patkellyrh: Iceland takes a hit in the rankings as the pendulum of war swings against them in Europe, where they're losing ground across the board. Iceland has the advantage in fundamentals, but has failed so far at bringing them to bear against Sweden, even as the war escalates into a nuclear exchange.

  14. 5

    Admiral Cloudberg: Sweden and Iceland switch places in the rankings as Gustavus Adolphus begins to turn the tide in the war! With a furious barrage of airstrikes and nukes, Sweden has ripped apart much of Iceland's European land army and done considerable damage to the Irish Isles. However, the stats indicate that Sweden's army has shrunk while Iceland's has grown, so victory in this war is still very much up for grabs.

  15. 4

    Technostar: Brazil should breathe a sigh of relief at the conclusion of this war. While they lost Laredo, it showed that the Inuit have a hard time projecting their power that far away. For now, Brazil is safe.

  16. 3

    Jmangelo: Australia is ranked very well lately (most of us ranked Parkes second) and is climbing onto Vietnam hard. Vietnam has fallen, but Parkes continues to rise. A few well placed moves and even the Inuit could not hold a candle to Parkes' chance of rivaling Kruger's power.

  17. 2

    Glycolysis: The Inuit ended their dud war with walking into Laredo and bombarding Tulum for a little while. Ah well, nothing was gonna happen away with the Buccs in the way. On other fronts, attacking Iceland would be a beautiful move right about now. Or maybe Korea, now that the Australian carpet is moving out of the land. Or potentially they could finally destroy the Blackfoot. Or, you know, they could continue to do nothing at all. It'll probably be the last of those options.

  18. 1

    Lacsirax: The Boers have spent the past couple of parts stuck outside Ghazni, thanks actually to a peacekeeping worker inside the city. For whatever reason, said worker has teleported away and Ghazni has been assimilated - and now Kruger's army has returned to the lightning speed it's known for, advancing as far as Kabul. I'm not sure how useful the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Hermitage will be to Kruger, but a capital's a capital. Speaking of capitals - it's a fairly clear run to Agra now, and the rest of India along with it.