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Power Rankings: Part 94

  1. 18

    Glycolysis: I really hate Yakutia. All they do is sit there. It's not like they can easily die, either; they're practically invincible. Invincible and worthless. Every week, we need to do a write-up for them, despite them doing absolutely nothing. All in favor of pretending Yakutia was eliminated, say aye.

  2. 17

    Admiral Cloudberg: Somehow, Hawaii has better production per city than Sweden and the Blackfoot, despite only being able to work water tiles. This obviously means Kamehameha will be making a comeback, right?

  3. 16

    Scissor: With Sibir and Nam peacing out, the ruckus being generated around his cities has finally quieted down. Finland might seek to do what Byzantium and the Huns did and suicide by DoWing his neighbors and end his suffering.

  4. 15

    Patkellyrh: With chaos in the Middle East and Balkans, and a unit bias toward paratroopers, Armenia has a better chance at a shocking resurgence into relevance than most rump state civs. I'm not saying it's likely...but Armenia being the real victor of Sibir vs Sweden vs Iceland would be a story to remember.

  5. 14

    Msurdej: Sri Lanka continues to do what they're good at, which in this case is being mediocre and sleepy. In the future, I expect them to play a larger role in the Cylinder, as a sovereign roadblock between the Boers and Southern India/Former Sri Lanka. Of course, this assumes the Boerg doesn't just assimilate them as well, or the Power Rankers don't just re-use the same write-up over and over.

  6. 13

    Andy: The Kimberley continue to block off Aussie efforts to take Southeast Asia off of Vietnam, as well as having their units ensure that Hanoi is not nuked into the ground. This has doubtless been critical in the slowing of the Vietnamese decline. What will the Kimberley do next? Will they jump on Vietnam, or continue to be nothing but peacekeepers?

  7. 12

    Scissor: I just feel bad about these guys. They have nowhere to go. Maybe they should just sacrifice themselves to be eaten by a larger power. Perhaps someone chiller and bluer. Although, They could try to pounce on a weakened Iceland to make a Nordic sanwich sandwhich!

  8. 11

    Technostar: Last part, we barely saw any images of North America. For the Blackfoot, that can only be a good thing, for it means that the Inuit still let them live. All they can do right now is continue producing units so they will be ready when their time comes.

  9. 10

    Jmangelo: Something tells me... Mongolia will declare war on Vietnam and get a maximum of TWO cities by the time the dogpile is done. But that's just a theory...

  10. 9

    Patkellyrh: Vietnam is collapsing, though no more this part than we would've anticipated from Part 93. To the extent that they have an unthreatened "core", it's mostly lands they conquered from Tibet, but even if they lose what's left of India and SE Asia, they could hold out in those mountains as a mid-range power for a long time to come.

  11. 8

    Andy: Korea continues to sit, unmoving. Although their production per city is the second-highest on the cylinder, their military remains barren and sparse. As Mongolian troops spill over, and Aussies depart for their Vietnamese adventures, will Korea finally realize that they need an army?

  12. 7

    Msurdej: While the line held against Iceland, Sibir decided to make a move, and attacked Sweden from the East. Now fighting a two front war, Gustavus is going to have his hands full as he tries to fight a two front war. Already cracks have begun to show in the former Finnish lands, but if anyone on the cylinder can pull victory from this, my money's on Gustavus.

  13. 6

    Lacsirax: Iceland can probably count themselves the luckiest civ on the Cylinder right now (well, apart from the inexplicably still-existing Blackfoot). Sibir entering the war with Sweden should provide a huge break for Ingolfur (for that is his name), whose forces were just starting to crack. Right now they still don’t look strong enough to push any further, but they certainly aren’t going to lose any of their current gains.

  14. 5

    Jmangelo: Pedro drops in the rankings this week due to sheer might of the other civs. He didn't do anything wrong, but he did not do anything right, either. If he attacked the Buccs? Maybe he would be relevant enough to rank up again. Until then, he moves slightly down.

  15. 4

    Glycolysis: As Vietnam falls, Sibir rises. Having stagnated in the meat grinder that is the Himalayas, Kuchum has decided to look elsewhere, to the plains of former Finland. Sweden was using every ounce of its strength to hold off the initial Icelandic pushes, and though they have managed to stabilize somewhat, their eastern holdings are exposed. Sibirian biotroopers look to meet Sweden’s eastern army around Leningrad, and if they break through it’s over for Sweden and the return of a superpower to the cylinder.

  16. 3

    Technostar: The Inuit have lost 2nd place for the first time since the reboot, not because they have faltered, but because they haven't done anything. The Buccs, Korea, the Blackfoot, and Iceland all stand ripe for the taking, but the Inuit would first have to declare war to reap any benefits. For now, the White Walkers seem content with domestic life, but they will need to take action soon if they wish to win the CBR.

  17. 2

    Lacsirax: It has been countless turns since the top 2 contained a nation other than the Boers or the Inuit. Parkes has broken the hardest barrier in the rankings with continued successes against Vietnam in Manchu-sorry, mainland China. Though new addition Da Nang has been blown off the face of the earth by its vengeful former residents, Australia have still fashioned themselves a comfortable amount of territory on a major continent - the first time the powerhouse has managed in the whole BR. That said, they face knockback from a newly teched up Vietnam and shouldn’t count themselves safe just yet - Australia have, after all, lost weirder wars.

  18. 1

    Admiral Cloudberg: The Boers appear to be encountering some resistance from Vietnam for the first time, but this scarcely matters; the war has already been won. Nevertheless, there is now deviation on the Boers' rank after several parts of unanimous agreement, as a handful of rankers make the bold choice of ranking Australia first. Few would argue, however, that the Boers are in any danger of losing their position of dominance over the cylinder.