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Power Rankings: Part 95

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    Coiot: Oh wait.... carry on....

  2. 18

    Jmangelo: "I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie To the hip hip hop, a you don't stop The rock it to the bang bang boogie Say up jumped the boogie To the rhythm of the boogie, the Yaks are gonna get beat! No... Wait... MY RHYMES ARE SELF DEPRECATING NOW!"

  3. 17

    Admiral Cloudberg: For once, a new development involving Hawaii! The part 95 director's cut has revealed that Henry Parkes is plotting against Kamehameha! Needless to say, if this war broke out it would probably be over within two turns. And then we wouldn't have to do PR slides for Hawaii anymore.

  4. 16

    Msurdej: Recently, IRL Finland is celebrating its 100th birthday. CBR Finland is celebrating roughly 600 years of being Exclavia. Leader Urho Kekkonnen celebrated by drinking, smoking pot, and laughing as news of Sweden's demise was brought to him.

  5. 15

    Technostar: Another part passes and Armenia lives to see another day. Yet, the clock ticks - how long will it be until the Boers or Sibir declare war? We'll have to wait and see.

  6. 14

    Jmangelo: The slide from last week...

  7. 13

    Technostar: Success! The Kimberley peacekeeping forces have managed to slow the Australian war machine to a crawl. Of course, this does nothing to better the Kimberley's own chances at victory, but it does ensure that Australia does not overrun Vietnam too quickly.

  8. 12

    Msurdej: We already know the Ekeuhnick or Pedro will be the one to finish off Henry Morgan. But a more interesting question is who will (re)start the demise of the pirates. With Both American countries seemingly asleep, and Ingolfur distracted with Sweden, It might befall Kruger to take one of the few cities in Africa not under his iron grip.

  9. 11

    Poom: It's another part that we don't see the Blackfoot core. While they still inexplicably hold large amounts of land in North America, their military equipment as we have seen so far would be a snack for the Inuit's Bio army. The question is, when will the Inuit finally attack? A better question would be, how have the Blackfoot even managed to survive this long?

  10. 10

    Patkellyrh: Mongolia might be able to make quick gains against a distracted power, but they're a long way from being able to throwdown with heavy weights in a long war. Mongolia's 956 production and 78 techs researched puts them well behind neighboring Sibir (9580 hammers, 103 techs) and Korea (6777 production, 110 techs).

  11. 9

    Jmangelo: The drop is huge for Sweden. Riding high off of the Finnish conquest and a war that was turning in their favour has resulted in a slow crumble. Sweden will not go down without a fight, however. They can still recover if they can slow the push on their borders. Then Sibir will remain on top and Iceland will continue the trend of declaring wars strategically to gain bits of land easily before growing large enough to become a recognizable power.

  12. 8

    Nevikcrn: Vietnam is in a precarious position this part. They seem to be holding off the Australians from taking Hanoi, and they even flipped back Dong Hoi. But with the Australians already establishing a base on the Chinese mainland, its unlikely that Vietnam will be able to retake their once plentiful core cities. To their south there is a much more dangerous situation. The Kimberley peacekeepers appear to be doing more harm than good, as the Vietnamese are increasingly unable to bring troops to the coast to flip back cities from the Australians. Their navy is stuck in the Bay of Bengal, unable to effectively reinforce the fleet in the South China Sea because of narrow waterways. Unless Vietnam builds up their army more, Hanoi will eventually fall.

  13. 7

    Scissor: Hahahaha Western Pigdogs! The Technocratic Republic of Korea is starting its rise back to the top 5. Nevermind that it was due to Sweden tumbling down. But from won Korean to another, I feel that we should be building more units that can actually attack. All that we need to do now is to invade Vietnam again. I have faith in our dear leader but I'm beginning to think that conquering the Yaks has made us catch their sleepiness.

  14. 6

    Lacsirax: It's not been a busy few parts for Brazil, or the Americas in general for that matter. As Iceland and Sibir feast upon Sweden and become major players in their own right, the peace of Pedro has led Brazil to slip to 6th, their lowest ranking since Part 83 (where Korea of all nations were ahead of them). That said, if we were ranking on safety alone, Brazil would be a solid 4th, behind only the three titans. They've brushed off wars with both the Inuit and Australia, and the Boers' one weakness has always been an unimpressive navy, so it's likely Brazil wouldn't have much to fear on that front either. Get used to that green.

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    Msurdej: With eastern Sweden being overrun, Ingolfur manages to gain ground in the west, pushing the Swedes back. The only thing that could cause Iceland trouble is the same thing that bailed them out: foreign intervention. Ingolfur must be wary of The Boers and Inuit, lest they strike out to bring down the gray in Europe.

  16. 4

    Admiral Cloudberg: Kuchum Khan holds strong at 4th place, a position he's not likely to lose any time soon. Backed up by a sea of biotroopers, Sibir continues to eat several Swedish cities each part and shows no signs of stopping. The only thing that could turn the tide is if Sweden also researched biotroopers, but this seems unlikely, as Sweden's tech is catastrophic. So will we see a great grey and white Siberian empire stretching all the way to the Baltic? The answer is, quite possibly, yes.

  17. 3

    Patkellyrh: Australia has surged in the rankings over the last few parts, up from being ranked 7th in part 86. We're all skeptical that an island civ can compete with continental powers, which has only happened rarely in CiV AI games. Their progress against Vietnam is the mainland foothold they need to be a major contender in the endgame, but they'll need to overpower a Trung empire that's down, but definitely not out.

  18. 2

    Patkellyrh: In the last 70 turns, the Inuit have gone from 7035 production to 21161, and from 1.6 million manpower to 3.3 million. It's some impressive growth, but all of that will be for naught if they don't restart their war machine.

  19. 1

    Msurdej: As the Kruger-mechs slow down, we start to see some holes in the Boer War Machine. Kruger's production lead has shrunk to the hundreds, and his military power remains in third. While The Boers still have done better than expected against Vietnam, it remains to be seen how many more green cities will turn orange, or worse, into radioactive piles of rubble.