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Power Rankings: Part 97

  1. 18

    Poom: Let's see what Yakutia are up to.... Nevermind.

  2. 17

    Glycolysis: Connecticut. Intro songs shorter than one minute long on albums. Millard Fillmore. The part of the eraser on the end of a pencil that never gets used because there’s metal in the way. Hawaii. These are among the most useless things that have ever been brought into the world. It truly is a shame.

  3. 16

    Patkellyrh: Armenia is the last Middle Eastern nation to survive in the BR - no small achievement. Will their paratrooper bias lead them to greater glory in the future?

  4. 15

    Andy: As ever, Kekkonnen sits in his office, drinking himself into a stupor. Meanwhile, Kanadahar has been nuked off the map. Glorious opportunities for bordergore awaits!

  5. 14

    Glycolysis: Sri L̶a̕nka still hasn’t taken any opportunities as the Boer war machine rolls past. Perhaps they could finally reunite with their lost territories to the south? Only ti̴ḿe will tell, and we don’t have much ti̕me̴ left. T̀ḩi̵s̢ ̶s͘lide ̢i̢s starting̨ to woŕry ͜me.́

  6. 13

    Andy: In a gesture of apprecipation from Vietnam for having saved their asses, Vietnam has gone and... nuked the former Kimberley lands, including what was once their capital. One can only wonder how Kimberley will take it. Will they sit around and do nothing? They've managed to stay above Sri Lanka at least.

  7. 12

    Lacsirax: Brazil's massive military increase suggests they're preparing for war. And while, somewhat unexpectedly, anywhere is reasonably within Brazil's sights now, the Buccaneers have always been Brazil's classic enemy. Brazil's XCOM bias will be a huge boon for securing Central America, but it remains to be seen if the Arrrrmada could defend the home isles. Morgan has spent a lifetime dreading the coming of the snowfalls, but perhaps the rainforest will get him first.

  8. 11

    Patkellyrh: The Blackfoot are actually 5th in military manpower. They wouldn't do more than slow down an Inuit invasion, but with their carpet overflowing into foreign lands, it's possible they could snipe a few cities somewhere else and carve out a meaningful overseas empire.

  9. 10

    Msurdej: In a move that surprises few, Genghis reveals where he's been for the past 10 parts: Firaxis HQ! That's right, Genghis has been preparing his Mongol Hordes to bring the people of Civ VI to their knees. Unfortunately for him, that wont win him Mark 2.

  10. 9

    Patkellyrh: The Trungs are still badly outgunned, but their defense seems to be stiffening on most fronts. It feels like Australia may have already hit their high water mark in the war. If they can stem the bleeding on the now-narrow Boer front, they could still rebuild and expand against weaker neighbors like Sri Lanka down the road.

  11. 8

    Technostar: At long last, the war in Europe is over, but it is not without its conequences. Sibir and Iceland both took large parts of Swedish lands, leaving them with only 9 more cities than they started Mk. 2.1 with. But while their chances of victory are slim, they are still strong enough to hold their own in a war.

  12. 7

    Poom: The World is stuck in an era that's long past by. Wars should be fought and won in the sea or sky. Land forces are so Part 1.

  13. 6

    Patkellyrh: The biggest beneficiary of the Sibir/Sweden peace may be Iceland, who's own peace deal ran the risk of letting Sibir entirely absord Sweden. Now there's plenty of Gustavus' clay left to gobble up once Iceland has consolidated and carpeted their European gains.

  14. 5

    Patkellyrh: Kuchum Khan is now at a crossroads, he can easily go the way of Vietnam and be brought down by the Boers if they so choose but they can also capitalize on their gains and build up their military to stand up to the orange menace. Their gains in Sweden have nixed the lion to the west as a contender but if Sweden built up and attacked while Sibir is distracted, Sibir could lose it's newfound holding very quickly.

  15. 4

    Patkellyrh: The Inuit have a lot going for them -- one of the world's strongest economies, an easily defended core, mostly weak neighbors. Maybe most importantly, they're one of only a few civs with a meaningful trans-oceanic foothold. All that said, the rankers are increasingly nervous about their extended inactivity. Since kicking Australia out of Central America, the Inuit have been frozen in place, while their neighbors fortify and expand.

  16. 3

    Glycolysis: Brazil has managed a 30% increase in total military strength over the span of the last part. This seems to be what happens when a civ is left at peace for too long. Pedro is hungry for new land, and isn’t planning on letting oceans and a lack of a navy get in the way of it. Now, all the remains to see is who he’ll go for first. My personal recommendation would be the Buccaneers, as their removal from the game has been long overdue.

  17. 2

    Lacsirax: Ha ha ha. Give me Australia on the week where they go up to #2, very funny guys. In all seriousness, this part saw the closest Australia came to taking Hanoi since the part began, with Vijaya and Panduranga both falling to Australia, albeit ready to be taken back the first turn of next part. To the north, Australia actually lost Tianjin, which is the first time Vietnam have reconquered a city taken at the start of the war. But as Vietnam's other front collapses, expect their resistance to grow more and more slight. Australia's biggest priority should be cancelling open borders with Brazil, but then, that should be every nation on the cylinder's biggest priority.

  18. 1

    Msurdej: Blowing away all expectations, The Boers have broken into India, taking the former capital of the Mughals; Agra. This city, with its Statue of "Liberty", adds a whopping estimated 5000 production to the Kruger war machine. To put that into perspective, ALL of Sweden has less than 4000 production. But the Victory is not without great cost. This part saw the destruction of Kandahar, and with it, the Kremlin and Taj Mahal. How much more will be lost, should this war continue? And how much could be lost if Pedro deicdes to make it rain Xcoms? These questions must be carefully considered, lest Kruger lose his crown.