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Power Rankings: Part 83 REDUX

PR Team returns to influence your minds!
  1. 21

    The rapper Trigger Darkhan, infamous for allegedly trying to rhyme ‘Siberia’ with ‘Korea,’ has managed to survive into Mk. 2.1 by the skin of his teeth. However, with just one radioactive snow city remaining, it won’t be long before we get to hear his glorious compositions down here in the submarine. Although his position is slightly less dire than it would have been since damage to cities hasn’t been reproduced, the Brazilian peacekeepers are nevertheless closing in on Beryozovo. And as the official ruler of the Despotate, I assure my fellow Yaks that there is absolutely no cause for alarm. – Admiral Cloudberg

  2. 20

    Now, what does one say about Hawaii? That they’re utterly fucked? That much is true, but think of all the creative ways that one could describe their utterly fuckedness! Hawaii’s utterly fucked, because the civs that once didn’t hate them realized there’s a weak neighbour they can eat! Hawaii’s utterly fucked, because Australia and the other naval civs are no longer spamming carriers, instead spamming naval units to kill Hawaii with! Hawaii’s utterly fucked, because they were already on fast track to being utterly fucked! Hawaii’s utterly fucked, and there are so many more reasons for it to be so! Send in your responses to the Power Rankers today, on just how fucked Hawaii is! – Andy

  3. 19

    Tibet has come farther than anyone has expected, although that wasnt much to begin with. Most ruled them out after they were eaten by the Vietnamese blob, but through their genius monk diplomats, they managed to survive as a protectorate of Vietnam. Shielded on every side by the endless drone armies of the Trung sisters from the likes of Sibir, the Free Kingdom of Tibet is the last bastion of democracy and liberty in this hellish world. Lets just hope, for Tibet's sake, that Vietnam doesn't change their mind about the untaken capital city right in the heart of their empire. – Scissor

  4. 18

    Texas has been stuck between a Bucc and a cold place for quite some time now, and there’s still not much it can do to improve its situation. Potentially, they could join the Pan-American alliance against Australia and attempt to steal a city, but it’s a long shot. For now, the Lone Star will most likely remain dormant. Hey, at least San Antonio, a former Texan city, is doing well for itself. – Enigma

  5. 17

    In one of the oddest predicaments of the BR, Tiridates III has one shot to take Hebron or Yervantashat and, if he does not, he faces certain annihilation at the hands of the Finns. Armenia could face its old rivals of Sparta if he survives and create the small civ battle of the ages, but until then Tiridates has to bolster himself. It is a long fight for the Triple Exclave Confederation of Jewish Armenia, but perhaps they can scratch out one last hurrah before this story is over. – Jmangelo

  6. 16

    This crusade has taken every available resource we had, and right now Dvin is exhausted. With a total of 2 submarines and an artillery, I’m not sure we can manage anything without making peace and rebuilding our new territories. It’s a shame, too. Finland is in such a vulnerable position, and if only we could put together a force, we could keep pushing. Ah well, we’ll have other cha- wait, what? u/SpartanShitposter’s here? That’s it! ONWARDS TO HEBRON, MEN!– Mallock of Dvin

  7. 15

    With the creation of City States, Afghanistan might move its forces off Finnish soil, which could lead to Sri Lankan gains. But more likely than not, those paratroopers will continue to sit in Batticaola, blocking Sri Lanka’s effort to be relevant. – Msurdej

  8. 14

    Relegated from holding Kimberley cities to CS cities, to having been relocated to an “icy walkabout”, which although doubtless enhances their survivability, also doubtless enhances the vulnerability of their “city-state” cities, as other civs may choose to jump upon them. Furthermore, the recreation of diplomatic relations, and of the religious situation, means that many civs which in the past may have let the Kimberley live, may not be as inclined to let them do so now, in their weakened state. That being said, it’s not all doom and gloom for the Kimberley, whatever their new situation may suggest. On top of having all luxuries and embargoes revoked, increasing their happiness and trade opportunities, the newfound happiness from their palace will doubtless enhance their golden ages. Meanwhile, the Babylonian Care Packages and the Global Cultural Exchange will doubtless buff the Kimberley far above their prior levels, both in terms of policies, and in terms of resources. Although they may no longer be a real competitor, and although they may no longer hold any cities near their former lands, they are still alive, and that’s more than many other civs can say. – Andy

  9. 13

    The swashbuckling hero of the Caribbean reached his peak a while ago, but despite losing all their colonies, the Buccs are still kicking. With Brazil and the Inuit now joining them in battle against Australia, they might even regain some cities they lost to stray bits of the Pacific Garbage Patch over the last several parts. The rebuild has also eliminated Henry Morgan’s vast fleet of carrrrrrriers (I think?) and they are now less likely to build new ones, so things might be looking up for this civ whose time in the limelight is pretty much over. – Admiral Cloudberg

  10. 12

    Mongolia, the CBR's perennial under-performers who just refuse to die honourably, might soon be reaching the end of the line. Bordered by powerful civs in all directions, the restart will likely reset the diplomacy modifiers and doom Mongolia to be swallowed up by whichever neighbour decides they're strong enough first. And yet... it's a long shot, but it's conceivable that they could do well with a war against Sibir - though only if Vietnam ups the pressure on their end too. It would be one hell of a comeback, but maybe one too preposterous to seriously entertain. – Lacsirax

  11. 11

    The Blackfoot are the last viable underdogs of the North American mainland, though their options are limited. To their south lies Australian Mexico, and to the East and North lie the Inuit glacier. While the Sikskawa corridor is no longer a single tile wide, the Inuit still surround most of the Blackfoots’ core. Their survival hinges on the benevolence of Ekeuhnick and good military decisions. If the Blackfoot can carpet up, rush through the end of the tech tree, and wait until the Inuit or Australian forces are depleted in a war, they may be able to make considerable strides. Even in these circumstances, the Blackfoot would still need a Global Warming Coalition to have a strong chance at victory. – Technostar

  12. 10

    Finland has gone through a series of wars that left it in ruin, and while the worst is over, it will be difficult to recover. Most of its army has been expended, and what’s left will have to be used against Dvin and Armenia, and even that may not be enough to prevent any more cities from being lost. Unless Kekkonen can work miracles and recover from this, the end of the Finnish Golden Age will be upon us. The one thing going for Finland is that most of its neighbors, most notably Sibir, are in no position to attack. Use your time wisely, Kekkonen. – Gylcolysis

  13. 9

    Sweden have two very clear choices ahead of them: attack Iceland, or attack Finland. Finland, weakened by non-stop wars, would be preferable; a Sweden vs Iceland match-up would be a much riskier affair, but if it paid off Sweden would find themselves in a very nice strategic position indeed. However, one thing they can't do is sit and wait - either they'll end up bordering Sibir or Vietnam, whichever one finishes off Finland first, or they'll find themselves a Sweden sandwich with a very competent Iceland for bread... – Lacsirax

  14. 8

    It may not look like it, but Sibir is in dire straits. While they still hold considerable land, there army is centralized on the border of Vietnam, which is currently being nuked. Several key cities, including the capital Qashliq, are irradiated, and more and more, the armies of Sibir are being forced into the Vietnamese meat grinder. Can Kuchum Khan turn it around, or will the Siberian Steppes find themselves in a new shade of green? – Msurdej

  15. 7

    With a sizeable chunk of Europe under their control, Iceland must now plan its next move. Finanatolia is sparse for the time being, but it will take more than paratroopers to capture cities like Constantinople. Sweden looks sparse in the south, but the northern force of Gustavus Adolphus could drain the armies of Iceland. Inuit seems preoccupied with Australia, but one can never be to careful with the White Walkers. That leaves The Boers, who are probably not happy with Iceland taking all the Finnish cities. – Msurdej

  16. 6

    Australia has a long road ahead of it. Its expansion into the Americas has been met with major backlash, and three of the five American nations have joined forces to push Australia out. The situation would seem dire, but if you look closer you can see that we’re in for a good fight. The Buccs are weakened beyond any point of strength, and the Inuit can’t make use of a large portion of its otherwise impressive navy. Most of the weight of the war will be placed on Brazil, and if Australia can break them, they’ll easily hold their American territories and maybe even gain some land. – Glycolysis

  17. 5

    Partying with high tourism and an iron grip on the South American continent, Brazil looks to take even more land with a war on Yakutia to take one of the farthest flung exclaves that would even make Finland shiver and a war on Australia that heralds the downfall of a titan. Brazil is not the strongest of the civs on this list, but I'll be damned to think that there is ANYTHING wrong with Pedro's current course of action. Brazil is on the rise, so invest in some Brazilian stock everyone!– Jmangelo

  18. 4

    With Yakutia cowed, Sejong now has the opportunity to rebuild and restore his armies. But new opportunities await, as the Inuit attack on Australia could mean gains if Korea joins the action, but if the White Walkers gobble up Japan, it would further the power gap between the two nations. Mongolia is weaker, and could create greater rewards. – Msurdej & Lacsirax

  19. 3

    The Inuit deserve their glacial nicknames. Their military is second only to Henry Parkes in sheer numbers, while the scale of their empire on par with the Boers. However, the biggest challenge facing the Inuit empire is mobilizing their vast forces. When we left off, the Inuit had just declared war on Australia. While the Inuit fleet surrounding Parkes’s cities looks intimidating, the Australian and Inuit empires each have hundreds more vessels stuck wandering in waters far from the conflict. Given their previous war records, it may be a while before the bulk of their ships arrive. This will be an issue in transcontinental conquests as well. Aside from the Blackfoot, all of their neighbors are across a sea from them. Only time will tell if slow and steady wins the race. – Technostar

  20. 2

    Vietnam is positioning itself to be the Boer's biggest rival and the Sisters have fought long and hard to reach where they are. But there are two big weaknesses that the Eastern Giant is held back by. The first is technology; the Vietnamese possess one of the largest empires but their tech level is way behind everyone else at 88 techs. This may not prove to be a problem against smaller nations but when fighting the juggernauts that are Australia and the Boers, the Sisters will need every advantage they can get. The second disadvantage is the composition of their army. The drone carpet they have will prove useless against the cities that they have to capture. On the bright side, Vietnam still has expansion opportunities in Mongolia and Sri Lanka. What Vietnam needs to do is to blitz Korea as soon as they can while Korea is cleaning up whatever is left of Yakutia's corpse. If Vietnam clears out Korea after what will certainly be a bloody war, then Vietnam will be unchallenged in Asia. When talking about Vietnam's SIbir front, their admirable performance is destroying a former front runner. Vietnam can easily become stronger than the Boers but just as easily can get split apart by different powers. – Scissor

  21. 1

    As the greatest of all the world powers, the Boers continue to demonstrate their might with ease. Middleburg finds itself retaken, the Australians driven off from the islands off of Madagascar. As for their enemy Finland, a coalition consisting of Armenia (Fodder), Kimberley (Irrelevant), and Iceland invade, thus scattering and dividing Finnish might. Meanwhile, Boer forces plunge onwards, driving ever and ever closer to victory. Even as the Icelandic troops take Greece and another Italian city, Southern Italia is surrounded by Boer hovertanks, and bombarded by the Boer Air Force. Boer workers reconstruct North Africa, Iberia, and their other recent conquests. Boer reserves replenish once more in Arabia, Africa, and the Boerg Core, which work to restore their notably decreasing army size and rank. Through out all of this, the Boerg sets itself up for yet another grand conquest, a grand slam for the ages. Although they may have lost the Pholus Mutagen, this does not change that the Boerg is indeed as strong as ever. – Andy