Additional Differences

Apart from the list of changes already noted in my previous post, I would like to share some additional differences eagle eyed viewers will spot in Part 84. As you already know, Mk 2. 1 is not a perfect recreation of the state of the game from the end of…

Part 84 Preview

Don't hate me fam I'm still drawing and writing!

Introducing Blue Cassette

As project founder TPangolin has stepped down from day-to-day operations, a new team was formed from the remainder of the Mk2 dev team and formally came together under a new name and organization. The necessity of this change is principally to protect…

Mk 2.1 Patch Notes

As this is a recreation of the game from scratch, and not a continuation of the past simulation, there are definite changes that will distinguish Mk 2. 1 from what we had in 2016. Furthermore, we took this time to debate on what to change in the game…

New CBR Logo