Introducing Blue Cassette

As project founder TPangolin has stepped down from day-to-day operations, a new team was formed from the remainder of the Mk2 dev team and formally came together under a new name and organization. The necessity of this change is principally to protect both past and future work of its members, and secondly to provide new leadership required to oversee the future growth of the project.

Blue Cassette’s directors are Reon Monterus, Lunar Needle, Limerickarcher, and Coiot. In late May, these four gathered together what remained of the work from the abandoned efforts of Mk2’s revival and took it upon themselves to do what was necessary in order to bring the simulation back alive. This process has not been without compromise, and indeed even after several months of work the result will be a slight variation from the game that the audience last saw in October 2016.

Blue Cassette’s Project Vision

The new team asked itself: Why did the Battle Royale explode in popularity and have tangible results on its meager development cycle? The answer was because the Battle Royale inadvertently created the inviting environment he wanted to see, then led people who were interested in this environment on a path where the community and its constants are consistently changing, but the content quality remained consistent. When faced with the prospect of not being able to provide that consistency, the realization the community would lose interest was clear. The question then became: What type of environment would be best for the Battle Royale to function in the future?

What this next iteration the Battle Royale envisions is thus longterm stability above all else. Our vision is to effectively communicate explicitly and implicitly the overarching notions of longevity and stability. Longevity for the Battle Royale will only work in an environment that allows for a controlled and carefully monitored system that ensures ambitions are kept in check and that the audience’s needs are always a priority. An ongoing project like this essentially needs to be transparent in its conduct and decisions, and furthermore, have in its leadership a group that can commit to delivering on its promises to the community.

Our parameters and guidelines for content production will constantly be changing, since the show is reliant on what happens in the game’s simulation. Our projections are not absolute, as the simulation can present new obstacles in the future, and that means that all of our content will be made to order based on a new outline that gives the project flexibility. In order to continue working effectively, we settled on a framework to deliver on the project’s expectations. This includes:

Be transparent and explanatory when it comes to all actions taken.

Have a dedicated release schedule, no longer bound by uncontrollable external factors.

Dedicate more time to moderating the /r/civbattleroyale community to help incubate promising original content, as well as to inspire new content creators to contribute to new projects with our platform.

Be willing to make amendments to the game’s rules and conditions in response to deadlocks or unforeseen errors.

Communicate with and promote the Battle Royale in communities and platforms outside of Reddit.

Create new avenues regarding the Battle Royale to maximize engagement and allow for easy access to information pertaining to the present and past in-game events.

Delegate tasks to a hierarchy of team members efficiently instead of having the main directors micromanage all work required for the project to operate.

Our past vision for the project was one that was loose and engaging with obstacles in a reactive way, instead of proactive and preventative. Even so, the Battle Royale’s success is clear. Firaxis dedicated development time for their latest game, Civilization 6, to include True Starting Locations (TSL) and allowed for the game to support AI simulation games without software modifications. The communities size attracted the interest of many outlets, and was even awarded a spot in the Guinness Records for the numbers it attracts. As the Civilization series consistently remains a top ten, and even a top five, continued bestseller and concurrently played game on Steam’s marketplace, the Battle Royale is still positioned well to multiply many times over, and receive consistent growth for many years to come. This new vision allows to explore this potential fully.