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Mark II

Second Edition of the Civilization Battle Royale

  1. Part 1: In the Beginning....

    The stage is set for a new clash of historical titans.

    Aug 11, 2015

  2. Part 2: Towards Greener Pastures

    Early settlements grow and the first conflicts between the empires.

    Aug 14, 2015

  3. Part 3: The North Rises!

    First blood is drawn as conflicts erupt in Europe and West Africa

  4. Part 4: Beyond the Horizon

    Forward settling in Asia leads to a multi-sided brawl for territory.

  5. Part 5: How to Fight Wars Good

    The pressure cooker in northern Europe explodes in all directions while North America finally reaches its boiling point.

  6. Part 6: Tonight, We Dine In Hell

    The war in Europe heats up as Leonidas leads his armies.

  7. Part 7: The Royale Battle!

    The Battle for Anatolia rages on! Who will hold Constantinople at the end of the day?

  8. Part 8: The Magic Eight Ball of History

    Another Civ Battle Roayle Part? *shakes ball* My sources say Yes!

  9. Part 9: Behold! The Rise of the Underdog!

    They started from the bottom, now they own 2 capitals.

  10. Part 10: Let Slip the Frogs of War!

    Cry havoc as the battle in Southeast Asia heats up!

  11. Part 11: Interesting Times

    Babylonian Agent Em sets out as Steve Jobs join the Buccaneers!

  12. Part 12: Bring Your Merchant To War Day

    More merchants join the war effort as attacks on Rome and the Philippines continue.

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