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Mark II

Second Edition of the Civilization Battle Royale

  1. Part 13: Big Stick Syndrome

    Speak softly and watch the greatest BR political blunder to date.

  2. Part 14: First Blood

    We all knew it was coming: WHO WILL GO HOME FIRST?

  3. Part 15: Gun/Boat Diplomacy

    In the aftermath of elimination, a giant awakens!

  4. Part 16: The Grudges Start Here

    With heated wars popping up, the power players make their moves, setting the stage for more bloody conflicts.

  5. Part 17: When the Sun Rises

    A cryptic statement gives some Civs inspiration (or confusion), while the wiser ones make strong advances in Africa and Oceania.

  6. Part 18: : Goodnight, Sweet Prince

    As we close a great story with another Civ being put to rest, Africa sees rapid change.

  7. Part 19: Behold, the Renaissance!

    Several of the slowpokes reach the Renaissance, as the leaders continue increasing the gap.

  8. Part 20: They Grow Up So Fast...

    A notable Civ truly shows its worth with great skill in war, tech and culture.

  9. Part 21:: Ah, If It Isn't My Favourite City-State!

    Look at those cute tiny Civs, there they go, denouncing, planning and looking tough, it’s adorable.

  10. Part 22: Strike of the Wobbegong

    The Australian superpower makes another strong and insane move… Fear the Grand Wobbegong Armada!

  11. Part 23: "On My Command, You Shall Become Irrelevant!"

    War is hell! Superiorities are reaffirmed and more Civs are pushed lower and lower down the ranks.

  12. Part 24: A Song of Ice and More Ice

    In this cold themed part we see the might of the Ice Sheet Fleet and other Northern Civs as the ice spreads and conquers.

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