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Mark II

Second Edition of the Civilization Battle Royale

  1. Part 25: The Rise of Draka

    We see more rumbles in Africa, Europe and South Asia as landscapes quickly change and shows of force become quite dramatic.

  2. Part 27: Swallow Thy Neighbour

    Remember the golden rule: kill all those who oppose your reign

  3. Part 28: MULTIKILL

    When one dead civ isn't enough!

  4. Part 29: Ships Just Got Real...

    In a whirlwind of naval battles, one civ decides its time to make a stand.

  5. Part 30: Prelude to the Grand Culling

    Death closes in on several civs throughout the cylinder.

  6. Part 31: The Grand Culling

    Ask not for whom the bell tolls...

  7. Part 32: Royale Wars XXXII - The Pangolin Awakens

    After a brief interlude, everyone's favorite AI game is back!

  8. Part 33: Farewell Sweet Princes

    A flight of angels come to singe these leaders to thy. rest

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