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And obviously, the eventual winner came first in the Final Performance Rankings. The South Americans weren’t predicted to do much outside their own continent, let alone win, but Brazil was the one civ in the endgame that had their priorities absolutely right – not only that, but their strategy even stopped their opponents from building armies of their own! They effectively ended the game before total war even began, and their march south to Pretoria was nothing less than harrowing.

Now at the end of all things, the carnival is set to march over the entire world. By the end of part 120 the cylinder will be filled to the brim with samba bands, bright clothes, football fanatics and overbearingly hot weather. And as it happens, I for one will look back on the three amazing years it took, and the journey our 11,000-strong sub enjoyed/endured along the way.

I think the whole community will support me in thanking both TPangolin and BlueCassette for the untold hours of work they put in to this show. When the carnival comes, we will celebrate twice as hard for you.

This is Chris/AutisticNotWeird, signing off.