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The presumed victors for much of the game, it almost doesn’t feel right that Paul Kruger never quite conquered a whole continent to himself. Love them or hate them, it was difficult to say the Boers didn’t earn what they won, picking off their opponents one by one – Kongo, Mali, Ethiopia, Vietnam – with increasing ferocity.

Their mistake was not building enough units in a game where units meant everything. And not realising that those Brazilian peacekeepers may not have been so peaceful after all. I’m sure some detractors still believe the Boers to be the “rightful” victors, and I’ll admit it hurt to see them almost miss out on the chronological top ten. But hey, in a game where you win by conquest, it’s better not to slack off on building armies.

Paul Kruger, the sub salutes you. For the longest time, your performance was just incredible.