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Admirable. Entertaining. Frightening. All perfectly valid words to describe the Inuit’s conquest of North America and beyond. It was jawdropping to watch Ekeuhnick find a small channel in North Dakota and pour enough troops through to push Texas into the Gulf of Mexico. It was enthralling to see how mercilessly they could wipe out a former #1 civ by annihilating Canada. The lengths they would go to for victory were made clear when they irradiated Kamchatka for just a few Yakutian tiles. And then the Blackfoot… the poor Blackfoot.

At times it really did feel like watching the White Walkers fight their way through a helpless Westeros. Which made it even more shocking to see Brazil take the whole of mainland USA in a single part, and make their conquests all for nothing.

But of course, it wasn’t for nothing. It was magnificent to watch.