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Lunar: Kuchum, you crushed Timurids, held up in multiple warfronts and only got crushed by a diplomatic incompetence and Brazilian savagery. And now here you are, standing in Asian proper fighting off the endless assault of superior Brazilian troops controlled by a puppetmaster AI hyperbeing with the intent to cover the world in one color and end the game once and for all. I do hope that when you do, I get to perform the eulogy because damn. Honestly speaking though, it's hard to see the front nowadays other then a speckling of fronts that'll one day lead into a push that'll take his capital. From there it's likely that the Vietnam core will be annexed by their new samba-dancing overlords. At this point, it's not an 'if', or even a 'when', but 'how quickly' will Sibir fall. God speed sir beyond sir. The sub is waiting.