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And just like that, the Buccaneers have been eliminated from the game. The Buccaneers were arguably one of the most interesting civs to watch in the entire game. They managed to form a trans-Atlantic empire, controlling territory in both Africa and South America, they truly ruled the seas in their prime. But alas, for the Boers and Brazilians pushed them out of their land, and isolated them to small chunks of Central and South America and the Caribbean. The Buccaneers, in my opinion, had probably the coolest looking borders in their prime. Just the combination of Africa, the Caribbean, and South America made for a really nice looking country. I believe losing Arrrfrica to the Boers was inevitable, but defeating Brazil was a real possibility. Just imagine what the cylinder would be like with a defeated Brazil. Oh, how the world would be different today. And to think too, This turn the Buccaneers and Brazil somehow made peace. If not for total war, The Buccs would have still been alive today. Finishing in 10th place, the Buccs are one of the 10 civs that made it to the top 10. In an upset. many thought the Boers would be eliminated first, due to their absolute lack of strength to defend themselves, but no, it was the Buccaneers. Henry, you absolute madman, never change.