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Power Rankings: Part 115

  1. 9

    Lacsirax: The only reason Kruger is alive today is a well-timed (and now annulled) peace treaty that zapped a Brazilian ship outside of his territory. Regardless, Looma will almost certainly fall before any other civ bites the dust. It's not fair that the Boers should rank lower than Korea of all civs, but you know, life ain't fair.

  2. 8

    Technostar: As another part passes, more Korean cities fall to total war. With their land military nonexistent, Korea's defense is mainly comprised of their air force. Thankfully, Korea's neighbors are all distracted with each other, forestalling Korea's demise one part at a time.

  3. 7

    Patkellyrh Sweden falls in the rankings as they lose Stockholm, seemingly for good, along with five other cities. It was a surprisingly solid defense, and even the Carnival will need several more parts to finish them off, but the writing is clearly on the wall now.

  4. 6

    Admiral Cloudberg: It's frankly a miracle that Iceland hasn't been completely kicked out of the British Isles yet. But it's only a matter of time, and once Pedro has finished with the Isles, there's nothing to stop XCOMs from landing on Iceland itself. And that's when we know it's really over.

  5. 5

    Timrtabor: The Trung sisters are very much in a situation comparable to meat in a bowl of pho. They are slowly being submerged in a off shaded green substance that overwhelms them with great numbers.

  6. 4

    Poom: Lo and behold, the Inuit! The Icy Crown Jewel of North America, who still have the lingering memories of when said crown, head, and maybe beard and neck used to be icy. The Inuit have survived yet another part, but Brazil chipped away Tuninuq in Alaska out of them and Sibir took two cities in North Asia as part to own delay tactics for their own inevitable destruction. However, the Brazilian army has been significantly thinned while Inuit presence in the region is quite strong in what still remains of their homeland. It might take a couple parts before Brazil could launch a final cleansing campaign on the White Walkers.

  7. 3

    Jmangelo: The venerable meat grinder sits in third place as Kuchum Khan's world burns. Losing his traditional capitals that he has held since time immemorial has been a devastating blow to what was once one of the greatest empires the BR had ever seen. Although Sibir is still one of the greatest powers in existence, that title means nothing now that the only spot in the power rabkings that means anything is "#1."

  8. 2

    Jmangelo: Despite having an overall great game from the get go and finally getting his first kill not too long ago, Parkes doesn't even come close to Brazil's military or production strength. It has become the case where even #2 is not an enviable position, as it's obvious that anyone other than #1 has lost. Regardless, Parkes may get a few last laughs out as he neighbours Korea, Vietnam, and the Boers and ensures a high ranking.

  9. 1

    Msurdej: On Every front, against every Civ (except maybe Korea), Brazil fights and wins. The big prize of this part is Stockholm, forcing Sweden out of its native capital, and seriously hampering their defenses. The only reason the game hasn't ended yet is because Brazil is forced to fight an EIGHT FRONT TRANSCONTINENTAL WAR, which tbf, they are totally winning.