How to Start

If you are new to the CBR, please read our overview first.

To begin viewing, head to the archives and locate any one of our different series. We recommend Mark 2 of the Civ Battle Royale as it has the most content and community involvement.

Begin at the start by clicking on the first album. always titled Part 1. From there you will see another layout which displays each slide of an album. Click once again on the first slide to begin viewing the album. From there, you can either click the Next Button on the screen, the Right Arrow Key on your keyboard, or click on the image to bring up the album in Slideshow view.

If you are coming back to the show after its long hiatus, all new albums will be posted on the homepage. Clicking on the albums on the homepage will bring the Slideshow view right on the homepage without needing to navigate to the appropriate page in the archives.

New announcements and albums will always be posted on the website, but to engage with the community, we will continue to be using our subreddit r/CivBattleRoyale as the primary means for feedback. Be sure to continue following us there to be up to date with all the latest activity from the community.

If you want to be involved and help the Civ Battle Royale grow, head to the subbreddit or make an account on our Wiki to start contributing. You'll find that every talent has a place here, and there is always a banner to stand besides.