# What is the Civ Battle Royale?

Hello everyone, welcome to the Civ Battle Royale (CBR). The Civ Battle Royale is a bi-weekly online show of a massive 61 AI-only epic running Civilization V. No human intervention in the show as a several months long game is recorded and then curated into episodes across the action. Episodes are narrated by members of our 10k+ sized community cheering on the AIs on their unpredictable route to victory.

The Civ Battle Royale is its own niche in the Civilization community; it attracts people from different cultural and technical backgrounds to add their own interpretations and input to jointly create an emergent narrative for the actions of the show’s AI competitors.

Today the Civ Battle Royale is hosted here on its own website but still has a discussion home here on our subreddit (opens new window). The show is run by members of Blue Cassette: Coiot, Dawkinzz, Limaeus, Reon Monterus, Lunar Needle.

# Release Schedule

Episodes of the Civ Battle Royale are released every week at 12AM UTC time. You can convert midnight UTC time to your local time (opens new window) to make sure you’re always here to catch the discussion. Alternatively, you can follow our Ko-Fi page (opens new window) to stay informed with weekly summary emails for any important content and announcements you may have missed, or you can also subscribe to our RSS Feed (opens new window) to get notified as soon as new posts are submitted.

# Donations

We welcome donations in our Ko-Fi page (opens new window) to support the show. The Civ Battle Royale runs on no ads, no affiliates, no promotional content, no website trackers, and no compromises that turn viewers’ data into someone else’s product. We’re here to enjoy the show together and generous optional donations run everything as contributions continually go to upgrades to the viewing experience. Donators are rewarded with some exclusive access and bonuses, but the show is free for everyone.